Where to buy Summit Stairlift

In America, less than half the households with elderly and handicapped members actually have stairlifts installed domestically. This is a key problem we have to address and Summit stairlifts is committed to bringing the best possible experience to its users while moving them up and down straight or curved stairways. Summit is actually a Missouri based United States manufacturer. They are known in the industry to produce quality and affordable lifting devices. There are Outdoor and Indoor versions.  Each of this chair lift costs between $2000 to $2500.

Cost considerations Summit products

Besides looking at the retail price, do consider other aspects before buying them. Summit lift is actually one of the cheapest in the industry relative to other products. Besides the cost, do calculate the installation, maintenance and repair costs of the equipment over a 3 year time frame. A typical stairlift requires only 2 hours to install.

Cheap Summit stairway lifts

Safety comes at a price and Summit offers reliability at an affordable rate. Most of its users have very good feedback of the products and they still work fine after 2 years without any replacement of the parts. It ensures saftety for its users with extra strong and rigid armrests. Summit also uses tried and tested aircraft cable which can lift up to 4200 pounds. There are also sensors installed at the footrests to stop the lift when it encounters obstacles while in motion.

Buy Summit Stairway lifts Online

The comfort provided by  Summit stairway lifts is also of top quality and among the best of the manufacturers. The seats can swivel and the backrests are adjustable. The backrest has 3 different settings depending on user request. This can be remotely controlled by the user or even control by the care-giver. The controls are conveniently located at the end or armrests. This is easy to use and also easy to learn. The seats of stairway chair lifts are spacious, wide and have thick padding. The upholstery are quite trendy and nicely designed to fit into the home easily. They come in light almond, evergreen and mocha.

Summit chair lifts are quite unique in terms of providing power options for its stairlifts. It is one of the few manufacturers which have AC and DC options for its models. AC powered versions are safer whereas DC batteries charges itself constantly while in operation.