Useful And Good Lift Chair Accessories

Lift chairs are a useful for anyone who has trouble getting out of a chair due to knee, back problems or any other physical impairment. There is a huge range of accessories available for that will make you more comfortable, more productive and more relaxed.

Chair Arms

There is no need to keep the standard arms that come with your lift chair. There are many different kinds of arm rests available that will make getting into and out of the device much easier. These include arms that are completely removable as well as arms that swing out of the way, whether up or to the side. There are also motor powered arms available for minimum effort by user. Whether you get up yourself or need help to be transferred from your lift chair, retractable arms make the process much easier.

Overlap Trays And Side Tables

Like most people who own lift chairs, if you spend a considerable amount of time on it, you will need a table. Whether to eat while seated, reading, or just a table to place things within reach, a retractable table is an essential accessory. Overlap tray tables are the best for eating as they are in the right position directly in front of you but they need to be removed to get in or out of the chair. Side tables that attach to the arms are more practical for most uses besides eating as they free you to get in and out of the chair and if the arms swing away the table also goes with them

Recliner Footrests

Any sort of recliner needs a footrest for the user to be totally relaxed. Many high end lift chairs come with bundled foot rests but even if yours did not, you can buy in foot rest seperately. These come in two types. There are retractable foot rests that are attached to the recliner itself. These save space and are safe because you will never trip over them. The other kind is a stand alone foot stool type of foot rest. These can be more comfortable but they take more space and you might trip over them if you forget they are placed there.

Making Lift Chair Comfortable

Besides the mentioned accessories that improve the user experience. You can also choose to add pillows to provide additional support and comfort while resting. The head pillow helps to support your neck if you wish to take a nap on the chair. The lumbar pillow protects the lower back if you are sitting on the chair for prolong period. Other useful accessories include Mattresses, Fitted Sheet, Protective Pad and Storage Bag.

Prices And Where To Buy

Some great online sources for lift chair accessories are, and Prices for arm rests start at about a hundred and twenty dollars and up, overlap trays normally cost about a hundred and eighty dollars or so and retractable foot rests cost about eighty dollars. These accessories do not cost a lot but they can add a lot of value to the users.