Used Wheelchair Lifts for Cars and Vans

Buying used stairlifts is the way to go if you are someone who is constricted to a wheelchair. It is also a good idea if you are looking for a lift for your van or other vehicle that you want to get around in. If you are in a wheelchair but still have the ability to drive then there are special lifts that are designed to help you get in and out of your vehicle. It can also allow you to drive from your chair or will provide a place to store your chair while you drive if you are someone who can get in and out of your chair on your own. Most of the time the lifts that are put into vans are ones that are used for transportation of wheelchair bound users. We usually see in vans owned by aged homes which provide day care for old people. These vans have to pick the elderly people in the morning and send them home in the evening. Smaller lifts can be fitted to cars if you do not own a van.

Types of Wheelchair lifts for Vehicles

There are two types of wheelchair lifts that can be installed to your car or van, the external hitch mounted type and the internal wheelchair-lift The former is meant to hold the wheelchair outside the car while the user is in the cabin. The internal lift system is installed on the inside of the vehicle; an example is the Mini Universal lift 200. The lift is powered by an efficient hydraulic system that can lift up to 200 pounds.

One thing that you will want to know is how this type of lift works. One of the best types and easiest to use is one that operates on hydraulics. This type of lift will have a control panel that can be used from inside the van and also one that can be operated from a keychain device. When the lift is engaged it will automatically rise up and come out of the van. The wheelchair can then be pulled onto the platform and the ramp can then be put back in the van using the hydraulic system.

Once the ramp is back inside the van there are only a few more steps that have to be completed in order to ensure a safe ride for the user. There will be locking straps on the ramp that will go around the wheels to lock them in place. This will keep the wheelchair from moving while the vehicle is in motion. Once the straps or locking mechanisms are in place the chair will not move until the locks are disengaged.

Wheelchair lift is very convenient for both the wheelchair user and the caregiver of that person. There is no need to try to transfer the person to another type of seat and the locks ensure that the user will be safe for the ride. Also, there is no strain put on the caregiver since the lift is automatic. The video below is a tutorial on how lifts for vans function.

Cheap Price of Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles

The cost of a used wheelchair lift compared to a new one is much cheaper. If you are going to buy a new lift, you can expect to pay almost three thousand dollars for it. Plus there is the cost of modifying the van so that it is handicap accessible.