Stair lifts for rental

Stair lifts for rent are usually available by the local distributor and a search in the directory will turn up 10-20 results. Renting or hiring of stairlifts is definitely a much cheaper option than purchasing one. People can rent stairlifts for one off occasions which could be the hosting of visitors who are mainly wheelchair users or the event requires frequent moving of equipments up and down platforms. It is more common to rent straight lifts compared to curved stair lifts. Straight models are easier to install and remove and can be deployed in a couple of hours. People usually rent curved ones if there is a shortage of landing space for straight versions or there is a need to move vertically upwards.

Once you engage the company which provides stairlift rental service, they will send an engineer down for a site survey before proposing the appropriate stairlift which differs according to size and power. Do note that rental is usually for a minimum of one day and up to 2 weeks. It will be more cost efficient to rent for a longer period as you can enjoy cheap rental. The price is cheaper on a per day basis if you were to rent the stair lift for at least a week. Moreover, uninstallation will take up almost half a day. Major manufacturers have set up their own office in countries such as UK, Philippines, USA and Canada and even states like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Plymouth. You can find brands including A1, Acorn, AmeriglideBruno, Excel, Bison, Summit and  Stannah stair lift for rental too.
Users are advised to check for any faults during installations as they are liable for any defects during the course of the rental. Remember to check the battery for any signs of leakage and request for change immediately. It is possible that you request for technical support on the actual day of usage to ensure smooth user experience.