Used Bruno stairlift sale

Where to buy Used Bruno Stairlifts

Bruno is a well known brand in the stairlift industry as it is very easy to deploy and also has a veUsed Bruno Stairliftry user friendly interface. Usually, operational models can be found in old buildings which will be torn down. Sometimes, it could be a family moving out of its house and intend to sell their home stair lifts.
Used lifts cost about half the price of new ones at around $1500 to $2500. They are refurbished and sold in tip top conditions. Some of the bruno models include Electra-Ride, Electra ride elite and outdoor Electra Ride elite. They are home friendly and easy to detach.

User Precautions When Buying Bruno stairlift

Online retailers such as Craigslist and Amazon offer the best place to get used Bruno models. This includes the batteries, joysticks. seat cushions,arm and leg rests. When purchasing used Bruno products from local stores or other owners, users are advised to check if all the spare parts and accessories are in good conditions. More importantly, you must ensure that the batteries are not leaking as this may pose a danger in the future.
Users should also test the functions of the second hand devices and focus on the joystick controls, gimbals. The stairlift should ideally be operating quietly. If there is a beeping or squeaking sound when the equipment is moving, the problem could be from the internal circuit board or the rail. As buying a used modelĀ involves stripping the whole system including the track that is attached to the side of the staircase. If you are buying directly from home owners, you need to hire vendors to dismantle and install at the new location.

Types Of Used Bruno models

There are different modelsĀ for you to pick upon. The Electra-Ride LT Straight Rail Model SRE-2750 is the basic model but it is able to provide the performance required. It has a weight capacity of 275 pounds and we have replaced brand new 12V batteries. The standard swivel seat is inclusive in the second hand version.

The more heavier weight is the Electra Ride 2 Model SRE 1550 which can carry weights up to 350 pounds. There are only limited used Bruno curved stair lift such as the Electra Ride 3 Model CRE-2110. Its weight limit is 400 pounds.