Know More About Stair Lifts For Children

Features Of Stairlifts for Children

Children’s stairlifts have seats that are designed to give children of varying ages the right kind of support, whether through arm and neck support or through the shape of the seat. They  have age appropriate seats as children’s body shape changes as their age increase. Children’s stairlifts also have seats that are much lower to the ground for easy access and disembarkation at each end. The controls are simpler and designed for use by children.

The stair lift for children differs from the normal stair lift only in the safety gadgets used.  This is because a child more so a disabled may not be able to take care of his or her safety while on this seat and thus the movement up or down the stairs has to be controlled or guided. An adult may not be able to use a children stair lift, however, a child may can board an adult version. Adult supervision is necessary when young children are using the adult stair lift.

Children’s Stairlifts Safety

The most important thing that distinguishes children’s stairlifts from the ones used by adults is the special safety features. Whereas adult chairs come with a safety belt at best, those for young children come with multipoint safety harnesses to hold the child securely in place. Most children’s stairlifts also have multiple sets of controls. A stair lift user controller is installed on the chair and one controller at each end of the staircase. Parents can also have their device customised without any control on the chair itself if they choose.