Braun Stair And Wheelchair Lifts

Braun home stairlifts have been designed to overcome mobility deficiencies and help users move between floors of a home with ease. This also gives them confidence with independent mobility and decreases the chances of any further accidents happening.

Braun Lift Product Specification

Although there are several popular manufacturers, Braun is one of the oldest as well as the most well-known. This is primarily because; Braun has been the acknowledged brand leader in the mobility equipment area for over the last twenty years.

Some of the main specifications of the Braun products are listed below;

  • They come with safety sensors and a smooth start and stop facility.
  • Have integrated safety belts.
  • It comes with a battery backup.
  • It works with either straight or curved staircases (that is, despite the shape of your staircase, it comes with a foldable rail that is designed to suit the sides of your staircase)
  • It also has outdoor models.
  • Different types of lifts are available such as Perch models for those who have difficulty in bending or folding their knees. There are also Braun Wheelchair lifts for vehicle or indoor use.
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats.


Price Reviews

Generally, most straight lifts come with a price tag that ranges between $2,800 and $4,500. An area where Braun scores over competitors is its payment and financing function. Braun is extremely helpful in this matter and a dealer will be assigned to each customer until they find the best way to finance their order. People have the option to find more than one funding source and the buyer can order, if he or she knows where to obtain the funding source.

Reviews On Braun

Stair lifts are becoming common in modern houses and are no more a luxury item. But buying the best home stairlift is a difficult task as there are so many companies in the market and these provide machines with varying qualities. Hence, it’s hard for someone to select the best for their loved ones. However, given Braun’s reputation in this area, I feel it is a good buy when choosing a stairlift to buy for our loved ones. When selecting a stair lift, just keep in mind that a good stairlift should not only has solid lifting power, but also has great security features and the Braun addresses all these.

Excel Stairway Lift And Parts

Excel products are no more a luxury item as they have become very affordable to the common man. It is extremely useful for the disabled and the physically challenged. With rapid advancement in technology and reduction in prices, it has a huge customer base as the Excel lift is uniquely and primarily designed in keeping comfort, cost, convenience and safety as its main factors.


Excel is actually a product of ThyssenKrupp Access. With a history reaching back to 1947, ThyssenKrupp Access is one of the oldest and most trusted providers of residential elevators. The TK Access Excel has two operating systems, which is the Excel A/C model which operates on a standard household electric current and the battery operated system. The standard parts are similar to that of other manufacturers’ and can be used interchangeably.

Designed for both indoors as outdoor use, there are various models that can be purchased in the market today, and these include Citia Standard, Citia Standard Plus, Citia Excel, Citia Select and Citia Silver.

Some of the primary specifications of the Excel home lift series include:

  • It runs on a foldable rail that is mounted sideways along the sides of your staircase.
  • Comfortable, adjustable seats that can be swiveled or locked at 90 or 60 degrees.
  • Contoured seat back with a folding seat bottom with 18″ wide seat
  • Independent folding arms and folding footrest
  • Upholstery options include taupe, vinyl or oatmeal herringbone fabric
  • Finishing come in ivory white powder coating
  • Padded armrests with optional joystick control
  • Has a 300 pound lifting capacity
  • A wireless remote control offers improved mobility and freedom
  • Control switch that can be placed on the sides of the armrest for ease of use
  • Over speed break and optional hand-held pendant control
  • Equipped with excellent safety measures
  • Foot rest obstruction sensor

Safety Features Of Excel Stair Lift

ThyssenKrupp Access Excel are designed with the patient’s safety in mind. They have the start-stop technology which provides a smooth acceleration during stop and start. The system has sensors that can detect obstacles and temporarily stop the unit.

Product Pricing

Most consumers shop for straight stairlifts and these cost between $2,500 to $4,000.  Most of today’s lifts are powered by electricity while others use rechargeable batteries which are slightly more expensive.

Electric Home Stairlifts are becoming a necessity in most modern house where there are aged, disabled or physically handicapped people. Mobility problems can occur to anybody and due to various reasons such as age, arthritis, stroke or even accidents. The Excel Home Stairlift is a great addition to a home where there are mobility challenged people present.

Pride Lift Chair For Sale

Pride is the maker of some of the most popular and best selling lift chairs on the market. The reasons for the popularity are the range on offer, the competitive pricing, features and the comprehensive warranty that Pride offers.

Pride Models

The Pride range of Lift chairs comes in four lines with a number of models in each line.

Pride Lift Chairs SaleThe basic line is called the Pride Elegance Collection. This range is a collection of three position chaise loungers with a full recline function in a number of fabrics and your choice of split back, pillow back or shell back.

The next line is the Pride Heritage Collection. This range has larger and heavier recliners with two position and three position lifts and partial recline functions

The Pride Classic Collection is the entry level line of lift chairs. The chairs are narrower in width, about twenty inches. There are two or three position reclines available depending upon the model.

The Pride Speciality Collection is the top of the line range with recliners that have swing out arms for easy transfers and footrest extensions as well. Some models in this range even have separate foot rests bundled with the lift chairs. The Speciality Collection includes a wall hugger model that keeps the chair close to the wall even when lifted. This model, the Pride LL 805, is perfect for small rooms.

The price starts at about nine hundred dollars for fabric upholstered versions and about eleven hundred dollars for leather covered chairs. This is in line with the prices of similar products in the market.

Warranty on Pride Lift Chairs

Pride offers the best warranty in the industry for their products. Standard two to five year warranties come with the purchase depending upon the model, and Pride offers a lifetime warranty on the metal lift frame on all lift chairs.

Chair Parts

Pride offers a range of optional accessories as well as replacement parts. Pride chairs are available with heating as well as massage motors built in to them along with a suitable remote to control the additional functions offered. The remotes are spill resistant and have an auto shut off function after twenty minutes of massage to protect the motors.

Custom designed lumbar pillows, head support pillows and even protective pads are available for every model. Pride even offers kits to help you maintain your lift chair looking and functioning like new. There is an upholstery stain removal kit available as well as wipes for leather and vinyl and leg levellers with non skid pads on the bottom to protect your floors.

Curved Stair Lift For Elderly Sale

History Of Stair Lift

Stair lifts have been around for quite some time already. In fact, historical accounts point to a Mr. Crispen of Pennsylvania who after taking pity on a close friend because the latter was injured and could no longer go up and down the stair unassisted took it upon himself the responsibility, being a self-taught engineer, of creating a chair that will aid his friend in traversing staircases. This was sometime in the 1920s and called the chair the “Inclin-ator” said to be the first prototype of the stair lifts of today.

Besides the normal Stair Lifts made for straight staircases, there are also curved models for non straight stairways too. These curved stair lifts for elderly and disabled are increasingly popular as more homes now do not have straight staircases.

What Is Curved Stair Lift

Curved Stair Lift For ElderlyA curved stair lift is defined as a seat that has been motorized to run up and down the stairs on a curved track. It is composed of three assemblies that are inter-connected to work together. There is the track system also referred to as the “rail”, the carriage or the so-called drive system, and of course a seat, which is just your ordinary-looking chair only that it’s attached to a track and is capable of movement on its own.

One can choose from three kinds of stair lifts based on a person’s preferred position while going up and down the staircase. One can go up the stairs in a standing position through standing models, which is a good variety for those who have difficulty bending their knees. There is also the seated versions for those who really want to sit down while traversing a staircase; and the Perching Stair Lifts.

Why You Need A Curved Stair Lift?

Though curved stair lifts are much more expensive than the straight kind, homeowners don’t really have a choice but to have it installed when the need arises because it is the variety most suitable to their stairs and it is cheaper than having their stairways torn down and replacing it with a straight ones. The same goes for spiral staircases and stairs that changes directions in several areas of the staircase. However, if it so happens that one’s staircase has a flat landing the size of nine square feet or more before it changes direction, a more economical plan would be installing two straight ones.

Three Popular Brands

Speaking of cost, here are the three most popular brands for your choosing. Price guides are provided in the list as well.

1. Thyssenkrupp Flow – This is Europe-made and costs around $1,500.

2. Sterling 2000 – This is UK-made and costs in the range $2,500.

3. Stannah 260 – This is another UK-made curved stair lift and costs approximately $3,500.

Websites Selling Curved Stair Lifts

Finally, for those in need of good websites to purchase a curved stair lift from, here are three manufacturer websites: (1); (2); and (3)

Cheap Sonaris Bath Lift

When looking for a suitable bath lift, care has to be taken to pick a model which is going to make life easier for an old or disabled person by making transfer into the bathtub easy. The purpose of a this system is to aid a person with getting into a bath tub and lowering himself in sufficiently so that he submerges himself in water as much as possible and can enjoy a nice warm and relaxing bath. The bath lift has to be secure enough to hold the person’s weight and prevent him from slipping off. One has to make sure that the surface of the side flaps has sufficient friction so that the person does not slip off.

Sonaris Bath Lift Reviews

Reviews online will show that it has some really amazing features, most of which are extremely important when picking the right bath lift. The Sonaris Bath Lift has excellent battery power and is good for 18-20 lifts every time the user charges the battery. It takes about 180 minutes for the battery to return to full charge. Another very good feature of the  is the fact that the reclining function is totally user controlled and can be adjusted to a setting preferred by the user. It is one of the best reclining bath lifts money can buy.

Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift Features

A bath lift that cannot allow easy transfer for a person is of no use. The Sonaris Bath Lift has large flaps on the either side of the seat which makes it very easy for the person to mount the system. The swivel function on the seat makes it even easier as not much movement is required on the part of the user to get into the seat and lower himself in. It has easy to use controls that can be used by people who have eyesight problems. The buttons on the control have to be lightly pressed for the for it to perform its functions. The Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift is especially easy for elderly people to use because it works on a system which will notify the user with a beep that the battery is low. Elderly people tend to be forgetful and a notifying beep will help them realize that the batter of the bath lift needs to be charged. The Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift comes with a five year warranty on the frame and a two year warranty on the controller, the covers and the recharger.