Summit Stairlift User Reviews

For most people, buying used stairlifts is a good option because of the amount of money that can be saved. However, when you decide to buy a used one made by Summit there are a lot of other great benefits that can be gained as well. The price is nice but there are some safety features and performance features that are useful as well. There are a few different brands available to choose from, and everyone wants to be able to get a reliable one that they can depend on. After all, what good is a stairlift that breaks down on you in the middle of two floors? Here are a few things that people like about this Summit brand.

There are a couple of different models available to choose from with Summit. You can choose from either a AC or DC model which will give you the power options that are most convenient to you. What this means is either the lift you are using will be battery powered or it will stay constantly plugged in ensuring that you have the power you need. Some people like battery powered lifts because they do not have to worry about the wires getting caught up in the track while the chair is moving up or down it.

Summit Safety Reviews

When it comes to safety Summit has you covered. These lifts were designed by a team with over 75 years of experience in the accessibility lift industry. Each lift meets the strict standards set forth by the ASME A17.1 and ASME A18 which means you can count on them being as safe as possible. There are also some safety features that come with each lift that will help considerably.

These are some of the common features that can be found with each model that is purchased. One great feature is the footrest sensor that will automatically stop the lift if there is any type of object that falls in the way on the staircase. Also, the seat has to be in the right place in order for the lift to operate, so you will not have to worry about taking off when you are not ready or when you are trying to get off of the lift. Another great feature is the Aircraft steel cable which will hold up to 4200 pounds.

Summit Price Reviews

When it comes to pricing, each Summit product is priced affordably so that anyone who wants to own one is able to do so. You will be able to find those that range from a little bit over a thousand dollars to ones that cost a few thousand dollars. The pricing depends on where you purchase the lift, the features it has, and the condition it is in (new or used).

Buying Inexpensive Summit lifts

Many people do not have a dealer in their area so they are wondering where to buy Summit stairlifts from. There are a few different options available, but the best place to start is on the Internet.