Stairlift Repair Service

Where to find Repair Service

Stairlift is a very useful device to be installed at home especially if you have family members who are wheelchair bound or aged parents with knee problems and unable to climb the staircases with ease.  These devices have transformed the lives of many people for the better. In the past, families have to shift their house to accommodate members who are unable to access their second floor rooms. However, with the facilitation of this movement at home, users find that it is very convenient for them to move between two floors. They also gain more independence as it is very simple to operate and users can utilize the system on their own. However, what happens when the equipment breaks down and requires repair work before it can be functional again? This is when the importance of knowing the right stairlift repair service to engage. It is important that the it resumes operational state as soon as possible since the user may be stuck in the upper floor and unable to move down. If your product is still under warranty, you should contact the technical support of the dealer. Depending on your level of support, there are service hotline that is 24/7 and the support will respond to your request within 6 hours. However, if your warranty is only for next day support, you will be given a scheduled time slot for the technicians to visit.  If your product is not under warranty, you can search your local listings to find such repair specialist. We advice you to only engage certified professionals as the right skills and tools are needed to repair the device.

Signs that the Stairlift needs repair

How do you know that your stairlift is in need of repair service even before it completely breaks down? There are many telltale signs that you should recognize so that you can resolve the problem as soon as possible before further deterioration. We advice that if you encounter any of the problems defined below, please contact the repair service as soon as possible and do not attempt to troubleshoot the problems yourself as there is a danger of electrocution. Leave the repairing to the professionals:

1. Beeping sounds – When you hear beeping sounds coming from within the system while you are operating it, that definitely raises a flag or an alarm to some problems within the it. The beeping could be due to problems with the electronic systems such as the internal circuitry. Loose connections of the wires could also trigger this alarm.

2. Erratic or  Slow movement- The lift moves in a sluggish way and is much slower than normal. This could signal a problem with the motor powering the device. It could be defective and needs replacement motors. A leakage in the battery could also cause this as there is not enough power for the operation.

Cost of Repair Service

Upon assessing the conditions of the malfunctioning, the contractor will provide a report of the parts that require repair or replacement. If your warranty covers free part replacement, you need not worry the cost. You may need to pay for the on-site service only. However, if your device is not fully covered by the warranty, the cost of the replacement parts vary according to the significance to the whole operating system.