Stairlift Removal Service

Where to engage Stairlift Removal Service

If you wish to remove old stairlifts from your home or old buildings, you can engage the service of professional removers who will be able to uninstall your device at an affordable price. We recommend that only certified personnel should be hired and not done by untrained people or even by yourself.  The best place to find removal service is through the local dealers. It doesn’t matter if you own Acorn, Ameriglide, Brooks, Bruno or Stannah brands, the remover will have the expertise and tools to uninstall them. Removing without the guidance of experienced engineers may cause damages to the surrounding structure such as the wall and the staircase. There could be ugly marks left on the walls due to the removal of the track which is usually drilled to the wall. If you decide to move it to a new location, you can also engage the same contractor to install the stairlift in another home.

Things to note before removing stairlift

Removing process involves several steps and each should be taken to ensure no damages are done to the device and the staircase.

There are several things an owner should note before removing the stairlifts. Firstly, the power has to be detached to prevent any electrocution to the handlers removing the system. The battery connection should also be removed for safety reasons. Next step is to remove the major wiring connections between the chair and the track. The wires are usually packed nicely into a single connection which can be unplugged easily from the circuit board.

The next step is to detach the stair lift chair or platform from the track. This has to be done with a specialized set of tools. After the chair or platform has been removed, the horizontal rod connecting the chair/platform to the track can be removed. The bolts are located at the root of the rod. Lastly, the track can be removed by releasing the bolts on both ends of the stair lift track. During the removal process, avoid damaging the sensors that are embedded around the chair and platform. These sensors are hard to replace as they are not that cheap and you have to get the exact same sensors in order to integrate well into the system.

Cost of removal service

The cost for removing varies according to the technical difficulties involved. It is the easiest and cheapest to remove straight lifts as it does not require a lot of effort on the technicians. However, if your home has a curved stairlift to be removed, the cost will be more as this kind is usually assembled in sections. Therefore, each individual sections have to be carefully removed and transported. The higher cost of removing curved stairlifts is due to the greater man hours required.

Buyback scheme

If your device is still in working condition, you can consider selling the to used stairlift dealers. The dealer usually quotes a price that includes the free removal from your home or office. The dealers will quote a price depending on the operating state of your system. They will recondition the stairlifts for resale in the market. If it is too old and has to be scrapped, we suggest selling the it to companies who will be able to recycle the materials and components. This way, you can still earn back some residual value.