Replace home stair lift parts

Replace home stair lift parts after a few years of usage is common for owners. Let me first introduce you to the different parts and components of stair lift and in some cases, electric stairlift systems. Most of the major manufacturer’s do provide stair lift parts through their local distributors.  You can find brands including A1, Acorn, AmeriglideBruno, BrooksExcel, Bison, Summit, Stannah and Sterling stair lift parts. In some cases, users can even change the faulty stair lift parts themselves with the proper guide.

Rail or Track of the stair lift is where the chair will be moving along as the seat goes up and down the stair lift. The rails can be either straight or curved. Users have to take note that the tracks do not become rusty overtime as it may have been exposed to water or in a humid home condition.  Users are advised to add lubricating oi to ensure smooth operations, otherwise, the stair lift will create a creaking noise when in operation. The tracks can be replaced as a whole and it is not a complicated process. Straight rail tracks are easy to replace as they are readily available. They are also cheaper. Curved rail tracks will cost more as they need to be customized individually. It also takes more work to replace curved rails of home stair lifts. You can usually hire local distributors to change the tracks of your stairlift at home or office and they will send their engineers for a site survey first before advising on the cost.

The seat of the stair lift is also important as this is where the user will directly use the system. After prolonged usage, the padding of the stair lift might wear off or there may be tears on the seats. This can cause discomfort to users. Changing of the seat is simple and users can simply walk in to any local home furniture shop to buy paddings or cushions.
The seat belt of the system can also be changed if is faulty and may pose a danger.
Electric stairlifts consist of electrical and mechanical parts which are can easily malfunction and cause problems. The control unit is a good example. It is main interface to the stair lift and if the buttons are not responding, then it means a break in electrical communications or problems with the main circuit board within. Newer stair lifts with better electrical system will alert the users with constant beeping sounds whenever there is operation problem.

The battery of the home and office stairlift is an important component which users have to maintain or replace when it is faulty. Do not buy second hand lift parts which without first checking its function as some may be defective.  Users have to take note whenever your stair lift beeps as it signals some problems within, contact your distributor if you are still under warranty. Usually, the electrical parts inside the stair lifts are proprietary to the each manufacturer and parts may have to be ordered from overseas.