Price Guide for Lift Chairs Sale

Lift Chair is an ergonomically designed furniture that can be placed in the living room for elderly people to use. It allows the users to set it into different positions based on their preferences. It is the ideal resting place for elderly people to enjoy the comfort in a recline option while watching television or reading books. When they are tired, they can also adjust the the seat to a horizontal position where they can take short naps. Electric Recliner Lift Chairs are made to provide maximum spinal support for the users who are mainly old or have back problems. Most basic models are not expensive costing just over $500. The top end models can cost as much as $1000. If you are just looking for a comfortable chair with health benefits for your parents or grandparents, the basic model should suffice.

Types and Prices of Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs SaleThis furniture is getting common these days among people who are on a budget, and cannot afford the more sophisticated designs. They come in different colors and fabrics, and the fabric greatly influences the prices. Regarding size, they are crafted keeping the modern house in the mind, and are available in sizes like small, medium, and even large, extra large and bariatric. There is also a huge demand for second hand models. The chairs already used by someone are slightly modified, in a sense recycled into a new chair, so that the consumer can get the chair at a much lower price.

Buyers will be able to choose from a variety depending on their preference. Choosing the correct lift chairs is important as it involves balancing what you need and the price that you are willing to pay. You can learn more about tips to choose low cost lift chairs here. The list below is the major categories of Lift Chairs and the price range. You can use this price list as a reference when you are searching for Lift Chair deals online.

2-Position – The basic model for with only two backrest setting. It is the cheapest category of   as it costs between $500 and $600.

3-Position – There are three backrest settings: Seated, Reclined and Virtually Flat. The difference of this compared to 2-Position Lift Chair is that users can rest in an almost horizontal posture. It is ideal for that short nap break. It is slightly more expensive with prices ranging from $600 to $700.

Infinite Positions – It is the most flexible of all supporting multiple positions that the 2 and 3 Positions models can do. The cheapest price you can find for this type is around $900. Those with more advanced features can cost up to $1200.

Other Types – Most of the other types of Lift Chairs you come across are actually variants of the basic 3 models given above. They are just made to serve people with specific needs for the chairs. They can be Heavy Duty, Tall Lift, Petite and Small, Wide and Zero Gravity.

Popular Brands of Lift Chairs

There are many manufacturers in the industry, but only a few will stand out as offering the best priced and value for money options. Easy Comfort and Golden Tech are lift chair specialists as they only produces one type of product. Golden Tech has a wide range of lift chairs under different series names. They include Maxi Comfort, Relaxer, Windsor, Comforter, Heritage and Monarch range. Therefore, you are assured of getting product that has already undergone years of research and refinement when you buy from them. Pride is a major manufacturer of assistive devices including electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters and other lifting solutions for disabled. Pride also supplies lift chairs which are well received in the market. The Pride lift chair ranges are Classic, Heritage and Specialty.