Low Price Recliner Lift Chair Parts

With hundreds of manufacturers in the market producing millions of products, the top brands today have become very competitive as far as quality and durability of their goods are concerned. However, no matter how good and how expensive your recliner lift chair is, it is a mechanical device with moving parts with electricity coursing through it and it is bound to break down at some point. Recliner lift chair parts are not that hard to come by and you can easily become your own mechanic instead of getting someone else to do it for you at an exorbitant price. Parts can be ordered from the dealer or the agent the chair was bought from or simply ordered online. If you need to order parts online, you have to know what your model number is and be sure of what the problem is. If you feel that self replacement is not your thing, it makes more sense to hire someone else to do it to avoid problems.

Where To Buy Lift Chair Motor Parts

When it comes to motor parts and accessories, the Internet is a great place to start looking. Popular online platforms such as Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon contain a wide range of recliner lift parts for sale. All the accessories and parts of Recliner Lift Chairs are in the affordable price range for most users. You can find the cheapest parts online and also do a price comparison between the different vendors.

The most common parts of the chair that need replacing after considerable use include – the lifting mechanism, the motor, the remote Control with Batteries, the transformer and the power cords. Out of all the motor parts, the lifting mechanism and the motor are the most expensive and can cost anywhere between US$200- US$500. Cost of the hand controller varies from company to company and is usually under US$80. The power cords for the lift chair will cost between US$15-US$40 and the transformer will be in the range of US$150-US$200. You can also choose to buy used lift chair parts which can be much cheaper and still in good conditions. It always make much more sense to buy the product from the Internet from a third party who has no overheads to pay and can give you the parts at a cheaper rate. You may buy the parts from the dealer you bought your chair from but be aware that it is going to cost you much more. If you feel you are not confident about fixing your lift chair, you can refer to the manual or look for troubleshooting guides on the Internet which will help you through the repair process. Remember to always disconnect the chair from a power outlet before opening it up because playing with electricity can be rather dangerous for someone who isn’t a trained electrician.

Recommended Recliner Lift Chairs For Elderly

As age catches up with people, everyday actions tend to become a chore and life really begins to feel cumbersome and Best Price Recliner Lift Chairsendless. An elderly person who has hip or knee problems finds it very difficult to sink into a comfortable chair for fear of not being able to get back onto his feet with ease. Soft sofas with big cushions are comfortable but for someone who is old and needs support to rise, a comfortable sofa is just a dream. People who are extremely obese and don’t have enough strength in their lower bodies to support their upper bodies are also in the same boat. Recliner lift chairs are for those people who want to get that feeling of sinking into a comfortable chair after a long day. Recliner Lift Chairs can be described as a regular chair with a seat that can rise up and lower with the help of a mechanism to make it easier for a person to ease into a seating position or ease into a standing position with minimal effort and pain.

Bariatric Lift Recliner Chairs

With the advent of fast food and easy meals, obesity has become a rampant problem in almost all parts of the developed world. An obese person’s body frame is not built to take the weight of the entire body and after a while movements are severely restricted. Majority of the weight most men and women put on is on the upper part of the body which makes it impossible for knees and other joints in the lower part of the body to function normally. Bariatric lift recliner chairs are solely meant for the purpose of making it easier for an obese person to lower and raise himself onto a chair without having to put pressure on the lower body. People who are obese put maximum strain on the knee joint when getting into and getting out of a chair which can be painful and can also lead to further degeneration of the joints. Bariatric lift recliner chairs come with different attributes. Some can take weights of up to 450 pounds while others can go up to 700 pounds. There are some bariatric lift recliner chairs that have a back rest that won’t move beyond 90 degrees while there are others that can move back to 135 degrees. There is also the third kind in the market which allows the person to lie back completely by pushing the back rest down to a full 180 degrees. Recliner Lift Chair Parts are cheap and anyone will be able to replace worn or faulty parts on their own with the help of the instruction manual. Bariatric lift chairs are pretty much a necessity for an obese person if he wants to be mobile and live an independent life.

Cheap Sonaris Bath Lift

When looking for a suitable bath lift, care has to be taken to pick a model which is going to make life easier for an old or disabled person by making transfer into the bathtub easy. The purpose of a this system is to aid a person with getting into a bath tub and lowering himself in sufficiently so that he submerges himself in water as much as possible and can enjoy a nice warm and relaxing bath. The bath lift has to be secure enough to hold the person’s weight and prevent him from slipping off. One has to make sure that the surface of the side flaps has sufficient friction so that the person does not slip off.

Sonaris Bath Lift Reviews

Reviews online will show that it has some really amazing features, most of which are extremely important when picking the right bath lift. The Sonaris Bath Lift has excellent battery power and is good for 18-20 lifts every time the user charges the battery. It takes about 180 minutes for the battery to return to full charge. Another very good feature of the  is the fact that the reclining function is totally user controlled and can be adjusted to a setting preferred by the user. It is one of the best reclining bath lifts money can buy.

Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift Features

A bath lift that cannot allow easy transfer for a person is of no use. The Sonaris Bath Lift has large flaps on the either side of the seat which makes it very easy for the person to mount the system. The swivel function on the seat makes it even easier as not much movement is required on the part of the user to get into the seat and lower himself in. It has easy to use controls that can be used by people who have eyesight problems. The buttons on the control have to be lightly pressed for the for it to perform its functions. The Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift is especially easy for elderly people to use because it works on a system which will notify the user with a beep that the battery is low. Elderly people tend to be forgetful and a notifying beep will help them realize that the batter of the bath lift needs to be charged. The Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift comes with a five year warranty on the frame and a two year warranty on the controller, the covers and the recharger.

Cheap Archimedes Bath Lift For Sale

When it comes to bath lifts for disabled individuals, the Archimedes bath lift is truly a great invention. The main purpose of any bath lift is to allow for an elderly person to have easy access to a bath tub so that he can enjoy a nice hot bath to relax and rejuvenate. When getting into a bath tub, one of the biggest dangers for an old or disabled person is lowering and raising himself. Old age can cause weak muscles and the person may find it very tough to lower and raise himself into and out of the tub because the muscles of the arm may not be strong enough to carry the whole weight of the body. Another cause for concern that has to be eliminated is slipping in the bathroom. As people get old they lose their sense of balance and it is possible that while getting in or out of the bath a person may slip on a wet surface. A bath lift will completely eliminate all these problems.

Archimedes Bath Lift Reviews

Archimedes Bathtub Lift SaleReviews will show that it looks fashionable and is incredibly light, weighing only about 11 pounds which makes it a hot favorite because it can be packed and easily transported without any hassles. The Archimedes Bath Lift can take weight of up to 330 pounds which is more than any of the other bath lifts for disabled persons can take. It is a sturdy model which lasts long and is better than the rest because it allows for plenty of leg room when a person is lowered into the tub allowing for an excellent bathing experience. As far as the Archimedes Bath lift goes, it is one of the best portable bath lift systems because of its slender and non bulky framework.

Archimedes Bath Lift Parts

The Archimedes Bath Lift can be dismantled into three pieces and stored easily because it does not require much space. Another good feature of this bath lift is that it can be lowered down to as little as 1.5 inches above the bottom of the tub. Since Archimedes bath lift parts are light they don’t occupy much space and they give the user a real bath experience. This model does not have the reclining back rest feature and hence takes even lesser space in the bath tub. To compensate for the no recline feature the back rest is at a height of 26 inches which is the tallest amongst all models and gives the user excellent back support. The Archimedes Bath Lift is one of the best portable bath lift systems because of its slender and non bulky framework. Archimedes bath lift parts are cheap and easy to buy over the net.

Bathmaster Sonaris Bathtub Lift Review

Today, independence is one of the most important things for a person as everyone has to live their own lives and people find it very difficult to constantly be available to help other people who are not able to perform daily functions on their own. People who are aged or people who have suffered an accident and have become disabled need help with almost every activity which can prove troublesome for those around them. For this purpose, bath lifts for elderly people are extremely important for someone who finds it difficult to use the bath tub. The Bathmaster Sonaris bath lift is an excellent option for people who need toilet aids because it has several useful functions.

Bathmaster Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift – Specifications

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift SaleTo begin with, the Bathmaster Sonaris reclining bath lift has a fully adjustable back rest which can be inclined according to the user’s choice at any angle up to forty degrees. This not only makes it a comfortable bath lift but it also helps when a person wishes to wash his hair without getting shampoo into the eyes. The bath lift is fitted with a control that is water proof and easy to use with large buttons that are clearly visible to people who can’t see too well. The surface of the control is ribbed so that a person who is visually impaired can control the bath lift through touch rather than sight. The Bathmaster Sonaris comes with a sleep function which puts the mechanism into idle mode when it is not being used in order to conserve battery power.

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift Review

When choosing a good bath lift it is important to make sure that the task at hand for the elderly or the disabled person is made as easy as possible and for that one must check the reviews on the Web. Most people find it difficult to swing their legs over the rim of the bath tub and in order to make the transfer easy, the Bathmaster Sonaris bath lift is fitted with large side flaps so that no matter who is using the bath lift, transfer is very easy. The lift has an alarm system which beeps when the battery is low and will not lower if it does not have enough power to be raised back to its original position which is an excellent feature for old people who can sometimes be forgetful. The battery takes about three hours to charge and is good for eighteen lifts per charge. The bath lift can take a weight of up to 308 pounds and is light and easy to assemble making it portable enough to move with ease.