Bruno Electra Ride ii Price And Review

New Bruno Stairlift Electra Ride II straight rail stair lift

Bruno makes some of the most popular stair lifts today and the Bruno Stairlift Electra-Ride II is their latest high end model model. Electra Ride II can also be identified as Bruno SRE-1550. Not only is the Electra Ride II one of the best products on the market today it is also one of the best value for money

Bruno Electra Ride II Features

Bruno Electra Ride II SRE 1550 ReviewThe new Electra Ride II has been revamped and a host of features have been added including a new rack and pinion drive system along with a silent motor that makes the stair lift quieter than any competing model. The seat swivels up to ninety degrees at both landing points so as to allow elderly or disabled people to easily board the seat at the top of the stair case as well as the at the bottom. The Electra Ride also has a remote call as well as a remote send feature. The armrests on the seat are fully adjustable, the seat height can also be customised to your liking and the seat itself can take a user that weighs up to 350 lbs. and it also comes with a standard seatbelt.

Safety Of Bruno Electra Ride Lifts

The Electra Ride II has a number of safety features as well. In addition to the standard safety belt there are also sensors in the chair that will automatically stop it while travelling if there are any obstacles in the path of the stairlift. The chair also swivels automatically so you are facing the right way whether at the top of the stairs or the bottom. Bruno adhere to all ANSI A-18.1 safety standards for residential use. The lift also features two individual 12 volt batteries so that there is always a power source no matter what.

Bruno Electra Ride Price

Despite having more features compared to other straight Stairway Lifts, the Bruno Electra Ride II StraightRun Stairlift costs just about 3800 USD for versions that cater for straight staircases with the price going up for the version that works with curved staircases.

Parts for the Electra Ride II

Bruno offers the Electra Ride with straight rails of up to 20 feet as standard. Curved rails can also be custom fitted to your individual staircases as an option. The other standard Bruno Electra Parts that are modular in design and are easy to replace are the drive motor, the send and call controllers as well as the armrests and the footrest for the chair.

Bruno Electra Ride II Service And Warranty

It says a lot about the confidence that the company has in the quality of their product that Bruno offers the Electra Ride II with a five year parts as well as service warranty. This should ensure complete peace of mind for users who buy the product.

Bruno Electra Ride II Reviews

Users of the Electra Ride II SRE-1550 all have praise for the smooth travel of the chair along the rails as well as the soft starts and stops at each end. The people who also had options like the swivel fitted to their Electra Ride say that it makes ingress and egress much simpler as the chair is always pointing the right way.

Curved Stair Lift For Elderly Sale

History Of Stair Lift

Stair lifts have been around for quite some time already. In fact, historical accounts point to a Mr. Crispen of Pennsylvania who after taking pity on a close friend because the latter was injured and could no longer go up and down the stair unassisted took it upon himself the responsibility, being a self-taught engineer, of creating a chair that will aid his friend in traversing staircases. This was sometime in the 1920s and called the chair the “Inclin-ator” said to be the first prototype of the stair lifts of today.

Besides the normal Stair Lifts made for straight staircases, there are also curved models for non straight stairways too. These curved stair lifts for elderly and disabled are increasingly popular as more homes now do not have straight staircases.

What Is Curved Stair Lift

Curved Stair Lift For ElderlyA curved stair lift is defined as a seat that has been motorized to run up and down the stairs on a curved track. It is composed of three assemblies that are inter-connected to work together. There is the track system also referred to as the “rail”, the carriage or the so-called drive system, and of course a seat, which is just your ordinary-looking chair only that it’s attached to a track and is capable of movement on its own.

One can choose from three kinds of stair lifts based on a person’s preferred position while going up and down the staircase. One can go up the stairs in a standing position through standing models, which is a good variety for those who have difficulty bending their knees. There is also the seated versions for those who really want to sit down while traversing a staircase; and the Perching Stair Lifts.

Why You Need A Curved Stair Lift?

Though curved stair lifts are much more expensive than the straight kind, homeowners don’t really have a choice but to have it installed when the need arises because it is the variety most suitable to their stairs and it is cheaper than having their stairways torn down and replacing it with a straight ones. The same goes for spiral staircases and stairs that changes directions in several areas of the staircase. However, if it so happens that one’s staircase has a flat landing the size of nine square feet or more before it changes direction, a more economical plan would be installing two straight ones.

Three Popular Brands

Speaking of cost, here are the three most popular brands for your choosing. Price guides are provided in the list as well.

1. Thyssenkrupp Flow – This is Europe-made and costs around $1,500.

2. Sterling 2000 – This is UK-made and costs in the range $2,500.

3. Stannah 260 – This is another UK-made curved stair lift and costs approximately $3,500.

Websites Selling Curved Stair Lifts

Finally, for those in need of good websites to purchase a curved stair lift from, here are three manufacturer websites: (1); (2); and (3)

Cheap Power Lifting Cushion Sale

What Is A Power Lifting Cushion?

A power lifting cushion is a contraption that consists of a base and a seat with a cushion that can be raised or lowered at an angle with the flip of a lever. Knee joints support body weight for years and tend to wear out and become either stiff or weak because of illnesses like arthritis. It becomes impossible for a person with an issue like that to sit down and stand up without support. This is where a lift seat for chairs comes in. It helps a person ease into a chair and get out of the chair as and when they please with minimal stress to the knee joints and with minimum energy expended. A seat lift cushion can be used by the elderly as well by people who may be younger but have knee injuries or other problems like obesity, muscular dystrophy, joint problems or are in the recovery phase after an accident.

How To Use Power Lifting Cushion

Power Lifting Cushion SaleAn assistance seat lift is meant for people who suffer from lack of lower body strength and find it difficult to stand up once they sit down or seat themselves when they are standing. A power lifting cushion can be used by placing it on a chair, standing against the seat and pushing a lever so that it begins to lower. The user can put his whole body weight on the seat and he will be lowered down into sitting position mechanically. The same thing has to be done in reverse to stand up.

Power Lifting Cushion Review

If you want to find out what are the best brands of lifting cushions, you can look for a power lifting cushion review on the internet. A true lifting cushion review can be found from forums where current or former owners talk about their experiences. The Internet is a good place to begin your research when you want to buy a lift seat cushion. It is even better if you get a feedback from a close friend or a family member.

Lifting Cushion Prices

If you want to purchase the power lifting cushion, there are many websites on the Internet that sell this apparatus for anywhere between US$100 to US$200. There are a lot of dealers online who give great discounts on the good models and some even ship for free. Maximum weight allowed on most models is 300 to 350 pounds and cushion color can be of your choice. The popular brands include Upeasy and Uplift Power Cushion. They are priced competitively and you can buy them online for less than $100 from Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist. You can also buy Used Lifting Cushions that are less than half the price of new ones.

Cheapest Standers Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Introduction To Security Pole With Grab Bar

A security pole with grab bar can be installed in any place in the house where a person needs support to stand up and sit down. It can be installed in the bathroom near the toilet seat so that a person who needs to stand up with support can hold on to it while he sits down and also take support from it while he stands up again. It can be used to complement Toilet Lifts for the Elderly. This apparatus can be installed in the living room near a couch and also in the bedroom near a chair. People are free to install this contraption wherever they want in order to help them stand and sit. The good part about a security pole with grab bar is that it is easy to install and takes up very little space because the grab bar is usually flexible and can be moved out of the way to make room. The security pole with grab bar can be used by a person of any age who needs support while getting up from a chair a stool or a sofa. The security pole can be used by absolutely anybody from an old person to a teenager who may have been in an accident and finds it difficult to stand.

Standers Security Pole With Curve Grab Bar

The biggest advantage of the Standers security pole with curve grab bar is that it can be installed easily and works on the tension mount

Cheap Standers Security Pole with Curve Bar

principle which makes it easy to install anywhere in the house. It has a pivoting grab bar that can be locked every 45 degrees which makes it a two in one apparatus. It can be installed for ceiling heights of 7ft, 9ft and even 10ft. It has a comfortable cushion grip which is safe as it will not allow the user to slip. It can be easily disassembled into smaller pieces that are easier to handle and transport. It weighs only about twenty pounds and can support weight up to an amazing three hundred pounds. The material used to make the Standers security pole with grab bar is resistant to rust and hence more durable. The Standers security pole with grab bar is a truly helpful apparatus and can be installed by anyone and does not need any extra tools. It does not cause any damage to the ceiling or the floor and can be moved around the house whenever required and installed with ease.

Best Prices For Standers Security Pole And Curve Grab Bar

If you want to find the lowest prices for Standers Pole And Curve Grab Bar, then the best place to start is the Internet. Typically, if you only want the Security Pole, it will cost less than $130. However, if you wish to add the curve grab bar, the average price is around $200 with some retailers selling for $199. Standers Security Pole comes in two colors, white and black, there is no difference in pricing when you choose either one.

If budget is a constraint, then you should consider getting used Standers Security Pole And Curve Grab Bar from websites such as Craigslist and eBay. The prices on offer there are lighter on the wallet and cost much cheaper than brand new models. You may even find bargain deals there if you inspect the products properly.

Electric Toilet Lifts For Elderly and Disabled

What Is An Electric Toilet Lift?

An electric toilet lift is an apparatus that fits over any regular toilet and helps you sit down on the toilet and stand up once you are done, with minimal pressure on the knees and with minimal use of the lower body muscles. It is part of the Bathroom Lifting Aids for Elderly and Disabled.

Best Reviews Of Electric Toilet LiftsAn electric toilet lift basically consists of a seat which fits over the toilet and a framework which has a motor in it to raise and lower the seat. An electric toilet lift can take up to 270 pounds and is powered by one motor. Electric toilet lifts with two motors can take weights up to 500 pounds. It is equipped with a wired controller which will lower the toilet seat when you need to sit down and raise it when you need to stand up with the help of just two buttons. Many systems are equipped with hand rests that can be moved out of the way to slide out of the seat easily.

Who Uses An Electrical Toilet Lift System?

An Electric Toilet Lift System is usually for the elderly people who have weak muscles and find it difficult to rise from a sitting position. Apart from the elderly, people who have suffered injuries or are recovering from surgery can also use this seat. It can also be very helpful for people who have knee problems and cannot support their own body weight. A person who is recovering from a lower body injury will also find this product to be very helpful. The third group of users will be the disabled or handicapped. They can rely on the toilet lifts to shift themselves between their wheelchairs and toilets. The main function of such a system is to mechanically lift body weight from the rear to aid a person in standing up and also support the body weight when a person is sitting down.

Electric Toilet Lift Brands

When it comes to electric toilet lift systems there are several manufacturers in the market with great products and competitive rates. A popular company in the market is Philips Lift Sytems which make products between the price range of US$900-US$1200. The Philips electric toilet lift system comes in both single and dual motor models with removable arms, a 500 pound weight capacity, a touch control handset and it can fit over a 16 inch wide toilet bowl. The Solo Mountway Toilet lift is another excellent brand in the market which has pretty much the same specs as Philips but comes with an inbuilt controller in the arm rest, removable armrests, and can take a capacity of 160 kilos.