Know More About Stair Lifts For Children

Features Of Stairlifts for Children

Children’s stairlifts have seats that are designed to give children of varying ages the right kind of support, whether through arm and neck support or through the shape of the seat. They  have age appropriate seats as children’s body shape changes as their age increase. Children’s stairlifts also have seats that are much lower to the ground for easy access and disembarkation at each end. The controls are simpler and designed for use by children.

The stair lift for children differs from the normal stair lift only in the safety gadgets used.  This is because a child more so a disabled may not be able to take care of his or her safety while on this seat and thus the movement up or down the stairs has to be controlled or guided. An adult may not be able to use a children stair lift, however, a child may can board an adult version. Adult supervision is necessary when young children are using the adult stair lift.

Children’s Stairlifts Safety

The most important thing that distinguishes children’s stairlifts from the ones used by adults is the special safety features. Whereas adult chairs come with a safety belt at best, those for young children come with multipoint safety harnesses to hold the child securely in place. Most children’s stairlifts also have multiple sets of controls. A stair lift user controller is installed on the chair and one controller at each end of the staircase. Parents can also have their device customised without any control on the chair itself if they choose.

Changing Stair Lift Batteries

If you a stairlift userm, one of the parts that you will need to replace before all others is the battery. Stairlifts are designed to last for many years but the batteries reach end of life within a year or two at best and then they need to be replaced on a regular basis. It is also crucial to always check the condition of the battery to ensure no leakage as it may damage the electronic parts inside.

Battery Specifications

The average stairlift is powered by either two or more batteries that are located in the carriage itself. The other location for the batteries is in a box at the base of the system. The batteries are 12V lead acid batteries. Most stairlifts for children and adults have 7Ah batteries whereas those that serve heavier load such as wheelchairs have more powerful 12Ah batteries and they may even have three batteries instead of two.

Buying Stairlift Batteries

Most devices on the market use standard batteries that are mounted in standardised enclosures. Whether you are looking for batteries for Bruno, Acorn or Bison stair lift, chances are the same battery will do for all the brands. You need to check though whether your stairlift takes 7Ah or 12Ah batteries and how many it needs. Once done you can go to sites like that specialise in replacement batteries for all makes and models of stairlifts.

Prices Of Stairlift Batteries

For a regular 7Ah battery you can expect to pay between $75 and $100 depending on the discount you get and the brand you go for. Yuasa and Panasonic are two of the best brands to go for and a quick way to check the quality of a battery is to feel its weight. More weight equals more lead in the lead acid battery and hence better power capacity as well as life expectancy.

Replacing Stairlift Batteries

Consult the manual that came with your stair lift before replacing batteries yourself. If the model was designed to have user replaceable batteries you can go ahead and follow the instructions. If the manual says that the batteries must be replaced by a professional you should have an electrician do the job. If you are replacing batteries yourself, always make sure you disconnect the mains connection and do not reverse polarity on the batteries as they may cause short circuit. Also lead acid batteries must always be kept upright to prevent leakage.

Uplift Power Cushion Review

Many old and middle aged people find it difficult to lift their body once they have sat down. They require some sort of assistance to lift themselves from a sitting to a standing position. This could be because of anything such as weak arm strength, obesity or irregular weight in the upper and lower parts of the body. It is for such people that the Power Lifting Cushion comes as a big help as it helps these people to lift their whole body from a sitting to a standing position.

About Uplift Power Lifting Cushion

The said cushion is a compact and portable electric power lifting cushion. It can be carried anywhere with the help of a fixed handle.


This product is clearly the best solution for elderly people or people who experience difficulty in getting up from a chair/ couch or trying to sit on a chair/ couch. It slowly lifts the entire body safely when the power lever is pulled up thereby making getting up from a chair easy. The lever can be stopped in between positions according to the need. Similarly, a person sits on the cushion and the lever is pushed down from the highest point when the person wants to sit. As a result, the entire body is placed flat on the cushion. It is more advisable to use it on armchairs with handles.

Users Of UpLift Power Seat

The Uplift Power Cushion is ideal for people who cannot rise from their seats on their own or who cannot sit on a chair without the help of someone. The reason for immobility may be due to various reasons like inadequate upper and lower body strength, weak arm strength, heavy obesity, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gerhig’s disease, degenerative joint disease or post operative conditions. Hence every time these people need to get up or sit down from their seats, they need not seek human help. By using this seat uplift assist, all it requires is just a pull of the lever and they can either stand or sit. It is best suited for any arm chair or couch.

Product Description

Cheap Uplift Power CushionIt weighs about 12 lb which is equivalent to just over 5 kg. The cushion is flat and steady and can lift a weight of about 136kg (300 lb).  The seat depth is 480 mm and the seat width is 410 mm. The maximum height of the seat is 250 mm and minimum height of the seat is 60 mm. It has two detachable power levers which can be used either in the left or on the right side of the chair/ couch. These levers are either pulled up so as to rise from the seat, or pushed down to return to the sitting position.

It is a flat comfortable, cushion seat which is made up of high density polyurethane foam. It molds with the body contours and provides great comfort to the user. At every point of lift level, the seat remains flat ensuring stability and safety. The cushion is secure because of its non-slip texture. The power lifting cushion also has a removable cover which can be washed. The foam used in it is water resistant and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The most notable feature is its built-in handle which makes it portable. A 12ft long detachable cord also comes with it and which is approved with UL and CSA power supply.

Uplift Power Seat Price

You can buy the best priced Uplift Power Lifting Cushion at less than $200 in the market and is easily available at The affordable rate of the cushions is more attractive instead of investing high prices for the armchair incliner. It is easy to find Power Lifting Cushion on Sale online and there are other brands such as Upeasy too. It is worthwhile investment because of its advantages and the comfort level it provides. On a rating of 1 to 5, it is rated at around 3.5 stars in the market.

Where To Buy

The Power Lifting Cushion or Uplift Seat Assist is a product of Collins Care, mobility specialists. It is readily available product and can be purchased easily through online shopping sites such as Amazon.

Customer Reviews

I came to know about this product from a friend of mine who had purchased it for his father. Immediately, I got it for my mother who required assistance after her stroke. My mother was able to sit or stand without the assistance of a second person. It was a great relief and confidence to her as well as to all of us. However, I was initially a bit intrigued by the simplicity of the mechanism used in this product and its adaptability to any arm chair or couch. It has six weight settings, which can be adjusted according to the patient’s weight. The easy portability of this product is an added feature. In short, it is a fantastic product that is easily available in the market and which comes with maximum advantages. However, it is not advisable to use the it on wheel chairs or couches with wheels and which does not have proper seating facilities.

Uplift Power Seat is highly recommended as one of the best aids for those who need assistance with their sitting or standing.

Basics of Scooter Lifts

The Basics Of Wheelchair And Scooter Lifts

If you are a mobility scooter or power wheelchair user and are looking at ways of taking your scooter or wheelchair with you this article should get you up to speed on mobility scooter lifts for cars and vans. A scooter lift will help you to carry your scooter safely and legally in your car or van so that you can bring it along for holidays or road trips. There are a few different types of scooter lifts.

Types Of Scooter Lifts

Mobility scooter lifts can be most broadly divided into two main types. There are outside vehicle and inside vehicle lifts. The type of lift that you should use depends upon the kind of scooter you have and the size of your transport vehicle i.e. car or van.

Outside Lifts For Scooters Or Power Wheelchairs

Best Price Scooter Lifts OnlineAn outside lift is basically a platform that raises your scooter up and off the ground but keeps it outside your car or van. The first advantage of this is that they do not take up space inside your vehicle. Since the wheelchair or scooter is outside your vehicle you do not lose the huge amount of space that they would have being taken up inside your car or van. These lifts are ideally used on smaller vehicles that cannot fit a scooter or wheelchair.

The major disadvantage is that there is no protection for your scooter from the elements and even from theft. Also, if your scooter or wheelchair is not secured to the platform tightly, there is a risk of it falling off. Though the platforms   normally fold up but they still spoil the looks of vehicles which some people do not like.

Inside Lifts For Scooters And Power Wheelchairs

Inside lifts transfer your scooter or wheelchair up on a platform till level with the inside of the car or van at which point you roll the scooter inside the vehicle. The advantage is that your scooter of wheelchair is completely safe from traffic, the elements and from theft as well. There are also mobility scooter lifts for pickup trucks that are like a small crane with manual or powered operation. Even if your scooter is not secured perfectly there is still little chance of it falling out of the vehicle. Since there is no external hardware they do not spoil the vehicles’ looks or aerodynamic efficiency.

The major drawbacks of inside vehicle scooter lift is that you will sacrifice a large amount of cargo or passenger space when using the lift. Also you need to have a vehicle that is physically large enough to actually accommodate your electric scooter or wheelchair.

Mobility Scooter Lift Prices

The prices of inside vehicle scooter lifts generally start at around four hundred dollars at websites online but you can expect to pay more for those with greater weight capacity. Prices are different for models with a weight capacity of up to 400 lb. Alternatively, you can try the second hand scooter lifts which are often cheaper and still serve the purpose.

Renting Scooter Lifts

Sometimes, you may only need the scooter lifts for a short period of time such as when travelling for holidays. In these circumstances, it is best to rent from local vendors or hospitals. The rental prices are usually low and you do not need to worry about the cost of ownership such as maintenance, repair and replacing parts.

Pride Lift Chair LC105 Reviews

Pride LC105, The Comfortable Lift Chair For All

For people who have always wanted a recliner chair at home but have never been able to afford one, the Pride Lift Chair LC105 is perfect. From the top selling brand in the market, this new model from the Pride Speciality range is the most economical model.

Pride LC105 SaleThe Pride LC-105 is the cheapest lift chair that Pride has ever sold. At a starting price of just under seven hundred and fifty dollars, the Pride LC-105 undercuts all of the competition. You can save even more money if you buy the LC 105 online as some retailers will sell you the chair for less than six hundred dollars and that includes free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Features Rich Pride LC 105

Despite the low price, the new Pride chair still has all the trademark features of the rest of the Pride Lift Chair Range. The chair has the same three position lift system as any other Pride chair. It has a sewn pillow back for maximum comfort and comes with your choice from a range of micro-suede fabrics. With a seating capacity of up to 325 lb. the LC 105 is enough to support most people. The Pride even comes with its own built in battery back up so that you can have complete peace of mind.

What Users say about their Pride Lift Chairs

Reviewers of the Pride LC-105 roundly praise the completely silent operation of the chair and the smooth movement of the lift mechanism. People also love the plush upholstery on it that lets them sit for hours in comfort and even sleep in their Pride chairs. The few users who needed service for the Pride LC-105 were pleased with the warranty support they received.