Brooks stairlift for sale

Buying guide for Brooks
Stair lift is an important installation at home if you have elderly or handicapped kins at home. Domestic versions are slightly different from commercial ones. Domestic stair lifts are usually smaller due to less physical space in the home. For interested buyers from Britain, they can try the home grown brand Brooks which provides installation as well as repair services for British homes. It is among the cheapest and best in the market available. If you are interested to buy used brooks lifts, you must check the second hand dealers. You can find good conditioned and refurbished ones selling for below $2000. Discount vouchers or coupons will be given to further offset the prices of Brooks stair lifts and lower the prices.  Brooks stairlifts includes straight and curved stair chair lifts. The flagship product is the Brooks Lincoln Straight model. They are known for their low maintenance and high reliability. More importantly, they are operated by DC power batteries which are maintenance free and auto recharge at the end of every trip. DC power packs for Brooks products ensure that the chairlift operates in a quiet and smoothly. The standard features are also provided by Brooks Lincoln Straight lift.  User friendly features such as whisper quiet, soft start and stop system to prevent sudden jolts, smooth ride quality, joystick and remote control, electro mechanical braking with failsafe overspeed governor.

Installation of Brooks Lincoln
Brooks have distributors and service centers located across Britain and new purchase can be delivered within a few days upon purchase.

Brooks stairlift brochure

Installation of Brooks lifts by trained engineers take only about an hour. You will not see messy wiring as Brooks use remote control system. Users should have confidence in Brooks stairlifts as they are among the safest and most reliable in the industry.  They are fitted with cheap and effective sensors which detect obstacles around the footrest that could pose a danger or hazard to users on the platform stair lifts. Brooks also provide a key to lock the the system while not in use to prevent children from playing with the device. Users should continually maintain their stair lift to prolong the useful life of the electrical and mechanical parts.

Cheap Acorn Stairlifts for Sale

Acorn is one of the leading players in the stairlift industry. It holds a wide range of products ranging from indoor, outdoor, straight and curved ones. Its cheap and high quality stair lifts come with lifetime warranty.

Where to buy:

Acorn equipment is of the highest quality and usually does not come cheap especially for newer models. However, bargain and cheap Superglide models can still be found in the market. These used lifts are still in operational condition and of high quality. Sometimes, in the local distributor warehouse sale, you can find good condition and used stair lifts and also purchase Acorn lift parts such as circuit boards, joystick parts and batteries. The savings from these discounts can be significant as branded devices usually cost a few thousand dollars. It is advisable to make a purchase during promotions. You can also buy it online in major furniture retailers. Please have the measurements of your staircase so the manufacturers can build the stairlifts to scale.

The models under that are straight include the Superglide 12o, Acorn has different series name to identify stair lifts for different purposes. Straight chairlifts are the easiest and fastest to install as it only requires a straight landing point. The Superglide 120 specifications are: DC power supply, joystick operation. Read our reviews here.

Acorn installation review:

The Superglide 120 is easy to install as this is a straight model. This is recommended for domestic users who have straight stairways. It requires a flat landing providing it enough space to dock the chair. Users can request to extend the track depending on the length of the stairs. Installation time usually takes 1 day and will be a minor retrofitting to the stairs. There is no hacking or drilling as feared by most home owners. Basically, the track is installed at the side of the staircase where the track needs to be installed. A normal wall power outlet is enough to supply power for the stair lift operation.
However, things are not so straightforward if you were to install the curved ones. The Acorn 80 series refers to the curved lifts. These curved editions are for more complex staircases, curved and odd shaped ones. Installations usually require a site survey by  engineers who will need to make certain measurements so as to customize the accordingly.

Operation review:

Acorn are powered by DC batteries. These are rechargeable stairlift batteries and stays charged as long as the power is plugged into the wall electrical point. DC power supply runs on direct current and are smooth and very quiet. They are also maintenance free and charged by a 15V AC step down transformer. The silent and smooth operating environment is advantageous for domestic use. As it runs on rechargeable batteries, it remains operational in the event of a power blackout. DC power also ensure smooth movements of the device with soft starts and stops instead of jerking motions. Users will feel safer and more stable while seated on it. Sudden jerks can cause unease in the users and in extreme cases, causing users to fall off the seat.
Acorn lifts have 8 rollers compared to 6 on other competitors. The extra rollers give it the edge  as more contact area with the stairs ensures better control and smoother ride. The double tube rail system is unique to Acorn and is another example of Acorn’s commitment to give its users the smoothest, quietest and safest ride quality.

Safety review:

Being committed to safe rides, Acorn have built in a good array of safety features. These are electrical and mechanical parts in the braking systems and also sensors to detect operating limits. These safety features ensure their will not be uncontrolled movements such as ascend and descending of the stair lifts. The sensors will make sure the speed is at a comfortable level and there will be soft landings at both ends of the track.
The joystick control is easy to use and easily learned by first time users. Acorn lifts can be controlled by mechanical joystick or infrared remote controls. The remote control is useful in a building with more than one dedicated users.
Users can choose to have swivel seats, these come with locking catch to ensure seats are in the correct position before users mount or dismount. The sensors will also ensure the seat is in a correct position before operating.
The surfaces such as footrest and carriages have built in sensors that will stop operations in the event of  an obstruction or collision.
Sometimes, users may not be able to identify the problems when the equipment malfunctions. This is where the diagnostic digital display comes in handy as it highlights any problems to the users through a large information digital display.

Different models of Acorn are briefly described below:

Acorn 120:

This is the straight version that that is used in homes where staircases are straight. This is the basic Acorn model that is popular and commonly found in homes.

Acorn 80:

This is a curved model for staircases which are narrow and curvy. As the curved tracks are installed in sections, staircases with different degrees of curve will not be difficult for installation. However, it is advisable to arrange for a check on site for engineers to assess the stairway before proposing the correct curved lifts to construct. Click here for more details.

Acorn Sit and Stand:

This model is for elderly or handicapped users who are unable to sit on chairs while being transported. Some users are unable to bend their knees. This is an extension of the 120 series but with an additional grip for standing users.

Acorn Perch:

For users who have trouble with bending their knees and for homes with narrow staircases, the Perch models will be the most appropriate to have. It has a streamlined profile and fits to the stairs instead of the walls. It does not take up a lot of space and easily folded and tucked away when not in use.

Acorn Outdoor:

If you wish to install lifts outdoors, then the Outdoor versions may meet your requirements. It is weather proofed and can withstand weather from the heat of the summer to the cold of the winter. It has been tested in the North American and European climate.

Stair lifts for rental

Stair lifts for rent are usually available by the local distributor and a search in the directory will turn up 10-20 results. Renting or hiring of stairlifts is definitely a much cheaper option than purchasing one. People can rent stairlifts for one off occasions which could be the hosting of visitors who are mainly wheelchair users or the event requires frequent moving of equipments up and down platforms. It is more common to rent straight lifts compared to curved stair lifts. Straight models are easier to install and remove and can be deployed in a couple of hours. People usually rent curved ones if there is a shortage of landing space for straight versions or there is a need to move vertically upwards.

Once you engage the company which provides stairlift rental service, they will send an engineer down for a site survey before proposing the appropriate stairlift which differs according to size and power. Do note that rental is usually for a minimum of one day and up to 2 weeks. It will be more cost efficient to rent for a longer period as you can enjoy cheap rental. The price is cheaper on a per day basis if you were to rent the stair lift for at least a week. Moreover, uninstallation will take up almost half a day. Major manufacturers have set up their own office in countries such as UK, Philippines, USA and Canada and even states like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Plymouth. You can find brands including A1, Acorn, AmeriglideBruno, Excel, Bison, Summit and  Stannah stair lift for rental too.
Users are advised to check for any faults during installations as they are liable for any defects during the course of the rental. Remember to check the battery for any signs of leakage and request for change immediately. It is possible that you request for technical support on the actual day of usage to ensure smooth user experience.

Replace home stair lift parts

Replace home stair lift parts after a few years of usage is common for owners. Let me first introduce you to the different parts and components of stair lift and in some cases, electric stairlift systems. Most of the major manufacturer’s do provide stair lift parts through their local distributors.  You can find brands including A1, Acorn, AmeriglideBruno, BrooksExcel, Bison, Summit, Stannah and Sterling stair lift parts. In some cases, users can even change the faulty stair lift parts themselves with the proper guide.

Rail or Track of the stair lift is where the chair will be moving along as the seat goes up and down the stair lift. The rails can be either straight or curved. Users have to take note that the tracks do not become rusty overtime as it may have been exposed to water or in a humid home condition.  Users are advised to add lubricating oi to ensure smooth operations, otherwise, the stair lift will create a creaking noise when in operation. The tracks can be replaced as a whole and it is not a complicated process. Straight rail tracks are easy to replace as they are readily available. They are also cheaper. Curved rail tracks will cost more as they need to be customized individually. It also takes more work to replace curved rails of home stair lifts. You can usually hire local distributors to change the tracks of your stairlift at home or office and they will send their engineers for a site survey first before advising on the cost.

The seat of the stair lift is also important as this is where the user will directly use the system. After prolonged usage, the padding of the stair lift might wear off or there may be tears on the seats. This can cause discomfort to users. Changing of the seat is simple and users can simply walk in to any local home furniture shop to buy paddings or cushions.
The seat belt of the system can also be changed if is faulty and may pose a danger.
Electric stairlifts consist of electrical and mechanical parts which are can easily malfunction and cause problems. The control unit is a good example. It is main interface to the stair lift and if the buttons are not responding, then it means a break in electrical communications or problems with the main circuit board within. Newer stair lifts with better electrical system will alert the users with constant beeping sounds whenever there is operation problem.

The battery of the home and office stairlift is an important component which users have to maintain or replace when it is faulty. Do not buy second hand lift parts which without first checking its function as some may be defective.  Users have to take note whenever your stair lift beeps as it signals some problems within, contact your distributor if you are still under warranty. Usually, the electrical parts inside the stair lifts are proprietary to the each manufacturer and parts may have to be ordered from overseas.

Replace stair lift battery

Changing battery is a duty of stairlift owners. These devices used to run alternate current or AC power. This is done by having the electric cable lined along the track to supply the alternating current. Wheelchair manufacturers such as Stannah, A1, Acorn and Bruno have designed their own method of supplying the AC current to power the stairlift. AC powered lifts are plugged into the household or building electrical system. Therefore, in the event of a power blackout in the building, the stairlift will stop working altogether. This will pose a hazard to users, mainly wheelchair bound or elderly people. They will not be able to evacuate the building in time. The AC electrical wiring can also trip leading to fire or electrocuting users. The movement will also be in a stop start manner as AC current is not stable by nature.

Advantages of Direct current DC powered stair lifts

DC power has many advantages over AC power. First and most important is that the direct power source is easy to install and maintain. DC powered model has a standalone rechargeable battery. The battery needs to be plugged into a wall socket to recharge. The normal household power supply of 240V will be stepped down to 24-38V direct current for the stairlift. The fact that a DC battery can operate the equipment without constant power connection is its biggest advantage. During power outages, the lift is still able to perform its duty and move users up and down the steps with ease. It can still operate for around 20 up/down times before the battery goes flat. DC battery is also quieter than AC power source.

Charging stair lift battery

The different manufacturers have their own methods of charging the batteries and they generally fall into two methods. Stationary charging or using charging strips. Stationary charging refers to the case when the chair is at either end of the track and locked in its position where charging can take place. Each end is called a charging point where the stairlift fits into the positive and negative ends of a charging point. If it is not properly fitted in position, the user will hear a beep sound to remind him to do further adjustments. Charging strips are lined along the tracks as it moves and also charging itself at the same time. This will ensure the batteries stay fully charged all the time. However, this system has its disadvantage as there are more parts of the charging system which needs to be maintained and higher possibility or error due to wear and tear from the constant movements of the lifts.

The rechargeable battery pack is sold in a sealed unit and is usually a direct replacement. It is like replacing the batteries from your household controllers. It can hold a better charge too. Batteries will have to replaced between 1 to 2 years of usage as the battery’s fluid runs out. The power and current ratings are usually 12Volts (V) and 7 Ampere hour (Ah).

The job or replacing batteries belong to qualified technicians but users can also try changing the batteries themselves. Manufacturers will provide a user manual or guide on how to change the batteries. Users have to be careful if they wish to replace stair lift battery themselves.

First is to remove the charging source and plug out the power plug. Second is to remove the seat or carriage  cover and safety edges. All the while, users are reminded not to touch any naked or messed up the internal wiring. Third step is to remove the connections to the batteries and remove them one by one. Place the new batteries, double check to make sure their polarity is correct, otherwise, you will cause system short circuit and cause the main circuit board to malfunction. Retrace the above steps to get the stairlift fully functioning on new batteries.