Stairlift Repair Service

Where to find Repair Service

Stairlift is a very useful device to be installed at home especially if you have family members who are wheelchair bound or aged parents with knee problems and unable to climb the staircases with ease.  These devices have transformed the lives of many people for the better. In the past, families have to shift their house to accommodate members who are unable to access their second floor rooms. However, with the facilitation of this movement at home, users find that it is very convenient for them to move between two floors. They also gain more independence as it is very simple to operate and users can utilize the system on their own. However, what happens when the equipment breaks down and requires repair work before it can be functional again? This is when the importance of knowing the right stairlift repair service to engage. It is important that the it resumes operational state as soon as possible since the user may be stuck in the upper floor and unable to move down. If your product is still under warranty, you should contact the technical support of the dealer. Depending on your level of support, there are service hotline that is 24/7 and the support will respond to your request within 6 hours. However, if your warranty is only for next day support, you will be given a scheduled time slot for the technicians to visit.  If your product is not under warranty, you can search your local listings to find such repair specialist. We advice you to only engage certified professionals as the right skills and tools are needed to repair the device.

Signs that the Stairlift needs repair

How do you know that your stairlift is in need of repair service even before it completely breaks down? There are many telltale signs that you should recognize so that you can resolve the problem as soon as possible before further deterioration. We advice that if you encounter any of the problems defined below, please contact the repair service as soon as possible and do not attempt to troubleshoot the problems yourself as there is a danger of electrocution. Leave the repairing to the professionals:

1. Beeping sounds – When you hear beeping sounds coming from within the system while you are operating it, that definitely raises a flag or an alarm to some problems within the it. The beeping could be due to problems with the electronic systems such as the internal circuitry. Loose connections of the wires could also trigger this alarm.

2. Erratic or  Slow movement- The lift moves in a sluggish way and is much slower than normal. This could signal a problem with the motor powering the device. It could be defective and needs replacement motors. A leakage in the battery could also cause this as there is not enough power for the operation.

Cost of Repair Service

Upon assessing the conditions of the malfunctioning, the contractor will provide a report of the parts that require repair or replacement. If your warranty covers free part replacement, you need not worry the cost. You may need to pay for the on-site service only. However, if your device is not fully covered by the warranty, the cost of the replacement parts vary according to the significance to the whole operating system.

Stairlift Removal Service

Where to engage Stairlift Removal Service

If you wish to remove old stairlifts from your home or old buildings, you can engage the service of professional removers who will be able to uninstall your device at an affordable price. We recommend that only certified personnel should be hired and not done by untrained people or even by yourself.  The best place to find removal service is through the local dealers. It doesn’t matter if you own Acorn, Ameriglide, Brooks, Bruno or Stannah brands, the remover will have the expertise and tools to uninstall them. Removing without the guidance of experienced engineers may cause damages to the surrounding structure such as the wall and the staircase. There could be ugly marks left on the walls due to the removal of the track which is usually drilled to the wall. If you decide to move it to a new location, you can also engage the same contractor to install the stairlift in another home.

Things to note before removing stairlift

Removing process involves several steps and each should be taken to ensure no damages are done to the device and the staircase.

There are several things an owner should note before removing the stairlifts. Firstly, the power has to be detached to prevent any electrocution to the handlers removing the system. The battery connection should also be removed for safety reasons. Next step is to remove the major wiring connections between the chair and the track. The wires are usually packed nicely into a single connection which can be unplugged easily from the circuit board.

The next step is to detach the stair lift chair or platform from the track. This has to be done with a specialized set of tools. After the chair or platform has been removed, the horizontal rod connecting the chair/platform to the track can be removed. The bolts are located at the root of the rod. Lastly, the track can be removed by releasing the bolts on both ends of the stair lift track. During the removal process, avoid damaging the sensors that are embedded around the chair and platform. These sensors are hard to replace as they are not that cheap and you have to get the exact same sensors in order to integrate well into the system.

Cost of removal service

The cost for removing varies according to the technical difficulties involved. It is the easiest and cheapest to remove straight lifts as it does not require a lot of effort on the technicians. However, if your home has a curved stairlift to be removed, the cost will be more as this kind is usually assembled in sections. Therefore, each individual sections have to be carefully removed and transported. The higher cost of removing curved stairlifts is due to the greater man hours required.

Buyback scheme

If your device is still in working condition, you can consider selling the to used stairlift dealers. The dealer usually quotes a price that includes the free removal from your home or office. The dealers will quote a price depending on the operating state of your system. They will recondition the stairlifts for resale in the market. If it is too old and has to be scrapped, we suggest selling the it to companies who will be able to recycle the materials and components. This way, you can still earn back some residual value.

Used Ameriglide Stairlift deals

Cheap Used Ameriglide Stairlifts

Ameriglide is one of the most popular brand of lifts for disabled being used in America. This is also one of the top selling models. Stairlift is commonly found in the houses across the country as it gives additional freedom to users Used AmeriGlide Stairliftwho are confined to wheelchairs or are unable to climb staircases due to problems in the knees. There are vendors who collect the stairlifts that are still in good condition and refurbish them and replace most of the smaller parts before selling them in the second hand market. Most used models are sold at very good and reasonable prices and you can often find bargain deals  for sale in the warehouse.

Lowest Price Used Ameriglide Stair lifts

There are different models of lifts and they include the following:

AmeriGlide Battery powered models: This is powered by batteries and functions even when there is a power blackout. This is the ideal model to have if you live in a place where there are frequent blackouts.

AmeriGlide Electric Power: This works by plugging in to the wall power outlet and functions like a normal home appliance.

Heavy Duty: This stairlift has a stronger and more powerful battery as it is required to carry heavy users or goods at times between different levels.

Bath lifts: This is an innovative lift that can serve disabled users in the bathtub by lifting them in and out of the bathtub. This bath lift comes with swivel seats and headrest and harness to ensure comfort in a safe and secure manner.
Wheelchair lifts:  This is a portable lifting system that can be attached to cars or outdoor features easily and carry the heavy wheelchairs around.

Vertical Platform lifts: This comes attached with a platform instead of a seat. This is lightweight and suitable for outdoor installation.

All these used AmeriGlide devices are reconditioned and certified for safe home use. With warranty and guaranteed service level agreements, the engineers will respond to your call for assistance promptly.

Used Bruno stairlift sale

Where to buy Used Bruno Stairlifts

Bruno is a well known brand in the stairlift industry as it is very easy to deploy and also has a veUsed Bruno Stairliftry user friendly interface. Usually, operational models can be found in old buildings which will be torn down. Sometimes, it could be a family moving out of its house and intend to sell their home stair lifts.
Used lifts cost about half the price of new ones at around $1500 to $2500. They are refurbished and sold in tip top conditions. Some of the bruno models include Electra-Ride, Electra ride elite and outdoor Electra Ride elite. They are home friendly and easy to detach.

User Precautions When Buying Bruno stairlift

Online retailers such as Craigslist and Amazon offer the best place to get used Bruno models. This includes the batteries, joysticks. seat cushions,arm and leg rests. When purchasing used Bruno products from local stores or other owners, users are advised to check if all the spare parts and accessories are in good conditions. More importantly, you must ensure that the batteries are not leaking as this may pose a danger in the future.
Users should also test the functions of the second hand devices and focus on the joystick controls, gimbals. The stairlift should ideally be operating quietly. If there is a beeping or squeaking sound when the equipment is moving, the problem could be from the internal circuit board or the rail. As buying a used model involves stripping the whole system including the track that is attached to the side of the staircase. If you are buying directly from home owners, you need to hire vendors to dismantle and install at the new location.

Types Of Used Bruno models

There are different models for you to pick upon. The Electra-Ride LT Straight Rail Model SRE-2750 is the basic model but it is able to provide the performance required. It has a weight capacity of 275 pounds and we have replaced brand new 12V batteries. The standard swivel seat is inclusive in the second hand version.

The more heavier weight is the Electra Ride 2 Model SRE 1550 which can carry weights up to 350 pounds. There are only limited used Bruno curved stair lift such as the Electra Ride 3 Model CRE-2110. Its weight limit is 400 pounds.

Where to buy Summit Stairlift

In America, less than half the households with elderly and handicapped members actually have stairlifts installed domestically. This is a key problem we have to address and Summit stairlifts is committed to bringing the best possible experience to its users while moving them up and down straight or curved stairways. Summit is actually a Missouri based United States manufacturer. They are known in the industry to produce quality and affordable lifting devices. There are Outdoor and Indoor versions.  Each of this chair lift costs between $2000 to $2500.

Cost considerations Summit products

Besides looking at the retail price, do consider other aspects before buying them. Summit lift is actually one of the cheapest in the industry relative to other products. Besides the cost, do calculate the installation, maintenance and repair costs of the equipment over a 3 year time frame. A typical stairlift requires only 2 hours to install.

Cheap Summit stairway lifts

Safety comes at a price and Summit offers reliability at an affordable rate. Most of its users have very good feedback of the products and they still work fine after 2 years without any replacement of the parts. It ensures saftety for its users with extra strong and rigid armrests. Summit also uses tried and tested aircraft cable which can lift up to 4200 pounds. There are also sensors installed at the footrests to stop the lift when it encounters obstacles while in motion.

Buy Summit Stairway lifts Online

The comfort provided by  Summit stairway lifts is also of top quality and among the best of the manufacturers. The seats can swivel and the backrests are adjustable. The backrest has 3 different settings depending on user request. This can be remotely controlled by the user or even control by the care-giver. The controls are conveniently located at the end or armrests. This is easy to use and also easy to learn. The seats of stairway chair lifts are spacious, wide and have thick padding. The upholstery are quite trendy and nicely designed to fit into the home easily. They come in light almond, evergreen and mocha.

Summit chair lifts are quite unique in terms of providing power options for its stairlifts. It is one of the few manufacturers which have AC and DC options for its models. AC powered versions are safer whereas DC batteries charges itself constantly while in operation.