New Bath Lift for Sale

Introducing Bath Lift

There is a wide range of Stairlifts that can help to solve user inconvenience by providing a safe to use and industry certified equipment. These lifts enable users who are unable to stand for a long time to be able to have a good and relaxing shower in the bath tub. All the users have to do is to transfer to the seat of the stairlift and control the seat either up or down. A remote control is provided for ease of control.

In order to assist the users in getting in and out of the lift, there are two flaps that will rest on the side of the bath tub. It will ease the boarding of the bath lift by the user. Once the user is inside the bath tub, he/she should extend their legs as the lift is in motion. Do not place the legs under the seat.

Safety Considerations

Bath lift saleFrom the usage point of view, the bath lift is definitely a good addition to the home if you have aged parents or handicapped users. It makes showering for this group of users so much easier. However, safety is still the most important factor to remember. All bath lifts have passed a safety check and certified ready for deployment. They are fitted with alerts to remind users that the battery is low and a recharge is required before use. It will be dangerous if the user were to be stuck inside the bath tub.


This is a simple to set up device and the full system can be implemented in less than four hours. To ensure that users are do not slip when they board the bath lift, it is advisable to add handles at both sides of the bathtub. A wall power outlet has to be provisioned near the tub for the lift to recharge using normal household rated electricity.