Low Price Recliner Lift Chair Parts

With hundreds of manufacturers in the market producing millions of products, the top brands today have become very competitive as far as quality and durability of their goods are concerned. However, no matter how good and how expensive your recliner lift chair is, it is a mechanical device with moving parts with electricity coursing through it and it is bound to break down at some point. Recliner lift chair parts are not that hard to come by and you can easily become your own mechanic instead of getting someone else to do it for you at an exorbitant price. Parts can be ordered from the dealer or the agent the chair was bought from or simply ordered online. If you need to order parts online, you have to know what your model number is and be sure of what the problem is. If you feel that self replacement is not your thing, it makes more sense to hire someone else to do it to avoid problems.

Where To Buy Lift Chair Motor Parts

When it comes to motor parts and accessories, the Internet is a great place to start looking. Popular online platforms such as Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon contain a wide range of recliner lift parts for sale. All the accessories and parts of Recliner Lift Chairs are in the affordable price range for most users. You can find the cheapest parts online and also do a price comparison between the different vendors.

The most common parts of the chair that need replacing after considerable use include – the lifting mechanism, the motor, the remote Control with Batteries, the transformer and the power cords. Out of all the motor parts, the lifting mechanism and the motor are the most expensive and can cost anywhere between US$200- US$500. Cost of the hand controller varies from company to company and is usually under US$80. The power cords for the lift chair will cost between US$15-US$40 and the transformer will be in the range of US$150-US$200. You can also choose to buy used lift chair parts which can be much cheaper and still in good conditions. It always make much more sense to buy the product from the Internet from a third party who has no overheads to pay and can give you the parts at a cheaper rate. You may buy the parts from the dealer you bought your chair from but be aware that it is going to cost you much more. If you feel you are not confident about fixing your lift chair, you can refer to the manual or look for troubleshooting guides on the Internet which will help you through the repair process. Remember to always disconnect the chair from a power outlet before opening it up because playing with electricity can be rather dangerous for someone who isn’t a trained electrician.