How To Maintain Your Home Lift Chairs In Good Condition

When your mobility is impaired and you are buying a lift chair, the first question, you would be probably asking yourself is how you intend to maintain the chair. Mentioned below are a few of the items that can help you keep the it in good condition.

Replacing Batteries For Lift Chairs

Most likely, all Lift Chairs come with a battery back up. Despite this, batteries usually have a normal life cycle of about 2 years and will need a new set after this. By diligently replacing your battery, you can keep your lift chair running for years to come.

Fabric Stain Removal & Freshener Kit To Clean Home Lift Chairs

The fabric cleaning kit helps to restore your lift chair to the same condition it was in when you purchased it. It comes with a stain remover and a cleaning brush. These cleaners are safe for fabric and upholstery that could otherwise be cleaned with water and without the use of harsh chemicals.

Two Pack Chair Seat Incontinence Pad To Protect Lift Chairs

It is advisable that you purchase the “two pack” chair seat incontinence pads. Not only it saves you money, but you will also have an alternate pad when the other pad is being washed. It not only protects the chair from any stains, but also and soaks up any fluids. It is also machine wash friendly. It comes with three layers (suede, polyester/ rayon and polyester bottom) supported with a water proof vinyl. It also protects the chair from any embarrassing large stains.

Two Pack Chair Seat Protector

This shields the chair from any ugly stains, spills or pet hair or liquids that could leak and ruin the upholstery. They are also machine-washable.

Chair Seat & Back Protector

It protects the chair from any wear and tear, particularly on the worn-out areas and also  protects the seat, its back, and the armrests. The seat’s waterproof backing prevents any liquid from leaking through the seat and back protector, if and when spills happen. The protector is also machine washable.

Full Lift Chair Cover

The cover shields the chair from any stains or any wear and tear that needs to be covered up. It has a spandex stretch cover which stretches to the chair’s frame and makes it easy to tuck in the excess fabric.