How Platform Lifts Work

Used Stairlift PlatformStairlift is an important installation to have at home if you have family members who are wheelchair users. For people on wheelchairs, it has always been a challenge whenever they need to overcome staircases. This gets harder when they have staircases in their homes as wheelchair users will require assistance from other members to carry them to up and down the stairways. The addition of this assistive device at home greatly reduces the need for constant attention by the caregivers as wheelchair users will be able to operate by themselves. It is this unprecedented independence that wheelchair users have at home that contribute to the increased popularity of installing lifting devices at home and in public buildings.

What is a Platform Lift

There are many accessories that you can purchase depending on the requirements you have at home. Most of these accessories do not come with the main product and have to be purchased seperately. One of the accessories you can consider buying is the platform.

Standard stairlifts at home come with attached with seats. These are meant to carry only the users along the stairway. The user will have to be seated and secured with a seat belt for safety. However, chairs are only suitable for people who can generally walk with ease but not climb the staircases such as the elderly or those with injury. It does not fit the needs of wheelchair-bound people. Hence, there is the need for a device that can carry the user along with his wheelchair. The solution is to retrofit a platform instead of a seat.

How Platform Lift works

There are a few types of platforms which you can attach to your lift. The more popular and common one is the folding platform. This platform saves space as it can be folded when not in use. Folding platform is hinged at the end and users can manually fold the platform up and down to create additional walking space for people. Folding the platforms can also be automated by the users through remote controls. Wheelchair users access the platforms by rolling their wheelchairs onto the access ramp. When the wheelchair is within the platform, the ramps will be folded up automatically and the safety barriers on other sides will go up. This is to secure the wheelchair and ensure that it does not roll off while in motion. Upon reaching the stair landing, the access ramp will be unfolded for the wheelchair to disembark from the stairlift. Vertical Platform also operates in the same manner. This is used when it is simple to construct a shaft between two floors.