Guide To Repairing Lift Chairs

Learn To Repair Your Own Lift Chair

For anyone that has back, knee problems or indeed any type of disability that makes getting out of a chair difficult or painful a lift chair is a boon. Recliners take the work out of getting up as they lift you up almost to a standing position. A normal lift chair will do this many times a day which may add up to a few thousand times a year. This means that they need to be serviced often and they break down as well. However you do not need to have professional service personnel to diagnose and even fix basic faults.

How To Diagnose Faults

Here are a few often encountered scenarios many users face regularly. Most of these are easy to remedy yourself with the help of an online guide or user manual.

When Your Lift Chair Breaks Down

The lift chair is not working at all and you cannot even hear the motor. In this case the power  may be unplugged or the power connection may be loose. Try plugging it in to a different power socket and check that the power cable is not frayed or broken.

Lift Chair Stops Working after A Few Cycles

If it stops working after it has lifted and reclined a few times it may be due to over heating. Leave the chair off for a few minutes and then see if it runs. This may indicate the motor needs repairing or replacement. You can buy replacement motors online at eBay or find a local listing of suppliers. The motors are not expensive to replace and you can also buy used motors.

Lift Chair Motor Runs But The Chair Does Not Move

If you can hear the motor running when you operate the controls then the gears may be stripped or faulty. As this is not something that can be solved by basic troubleshooting, it is best to engage experts to look into the system. You will need to have the movement mechanism on your lift chair serviced by a technician.

Lift Chair Does Not Lift Up User

If your lift chair can operate when empty but cannot lift you up while loaded, and you can hear the motor running then you may need a new capacitor for your motor. This requires some basic hands on from the owner as soldering skills are required. You can find capacitor and other Lift Chair Parts at Amazon. If you want to save some money from hiring Lift Chair experts, then be prepared to get your hands dirty by Fixing Lift Chairs yourself.