Excel Stairway Lift And Parts

Excel products are no more a luxury item as they have become very affordable to the common man. It is extremely useful for the disabled and the physically challenged. With rapid advancement in technology and reduction in prices, it has a huge customer base as the Excel lift is uniquely and primarily designed in keeping comfort, cost, convenience and safety as its main factors.


Excel is actually a product of ThyssenKrupp Access. With a history reaching back to 1947, ThyssenKrupp Access is one of the oldest and most trusted providers of residential elevators. The TK Access Excel has two operating systems, which is the Excel A/C model which operates on a standard household electric current and the battery operated system. The standard parts are similar to that of other manufacturers’ and can be used interchangeably.

Designed for both indoors as outdoor use, there are various models that can be purchased in the market today, and these include Citia Standard, Citia Standard Plus, Citia Excel, Citia Select and Citia Silver.

Some of the primary specifications of the Excel home lift series include:

  • It runs on a foldable rail that is mounted sideways along the sides of your staircase.
  • Comfortable, adjustable seats that can be swiveled or locked at 90 or 60 degrees.
  • Contoured seat back with a folding seat bottom with 18″ wide seat
  • Independent folding arms and folding footrest
  • Upholstery options include taupe, vinyl or oatmeal herringbone fabric
  • Finishing come in ivory white powder coating
  • Padded armrests with optional joystick control
  • Has a 300 pound lifting capacity
  • A wireless remote control offers improved mobility and freedom
  • Control switch that can be placed on the sides of the armrest for ease of use
  • Over speed break and optional hand-held pendant control
  • Equipped with excellent safety measures
  • Foot rest obstruction sensor

Safety Features Of Excel Stair Lift

ThyssenKrupp Access Excel are designed with the patient’s safety in mind. They have the start-stop technology which provides a smooth acceleration during stop and start. The system has sensors that can detect obstacles and temporarily stop the unit.

Product Pricing

Most consumers shop for straight stairlifts and these cost between $2,500 to $4,000.  Most of today’s lifts are powered by electricity while others use rechargeable batteries which are slightly more expensive.

Electric Home Stairlifts are becoming a necessity in most modern house where there are aged, disabled or physically handicapped people. Mobility problems can occur to anybody and due to various reasons such as age, arthritis, stroke or even accidents. The Excel Home Stairlift is a great addition to a home where there are mobility challenged people present.