Electric Toilet Lifts For Elderly and Disabled

What Is An Electric Toilet Lift?

An electric toilet lift is an apparatus that fits over any regular toilet and helps you sit down on the toilet and stand up once you are done, with minimal pressure on the knees and with minimal use of the lower body muscles. It is part of the Bathroom Lifting Aids for Elderly and Disabled.

Best Reviews Of Electric Toilet LiftsAn electric toilet lift basically consists of a seat which fits over the toilet and a framework which has a motor in it to raise and lower the seat. An electric toilet lift can take up to 270 pounds and is powered by one motor. Electric toilet lifts with two motors can take weights up to 500 pounds. It is equipped with a wired controller which will lower the toilet seat when you need to sit down and raise it when you need to stand up with the help of just two buttons. Many systems are equipped with hand rests that can be moved out of the way to slide out of the seat easily.

Who Uses An Electrical Toilet Lift System?

An Electric Toilet Lift System is usually for the elderly people who have weak muscles and find it difficult to rise from a sitting position. Apart from the elderly, people who have suffered injuries or are recovering from surgery can also use this seat. It can also be very helpful for people who have knee problems and cannot support their own body weight. A person who is recovering from a lower body injury will also find this product to be very helpful. The third group of users will be the disabled or handicapped. They can rely on the toilet lifts to shift themselves between their wheelchairs and toilets. The main function of such a system is to mechanically lift body weight from the rear to aid a person in standing up and also support the body weight when a person is sitting down.

Electric Toilet Lift Brands

When it comes to electric toilet lift systems there are several manufacturers in the market with great products and competitive rates. A popular company in the market is Philips Lift Sytems which make products between the price range of US$900-US$1200. The Philips electric toilet lift system comes in both single and dual motor models with removable arms, a 500 pound weight capacity, a touch control handset and it can fit over a 16 inch wide toilet bowl. The Solo Mountway Toilet lift is another excellent brand in the market which has pretty much the same specs as Philips but comes with an inbuilt controller in the arm rest, removable armrests, and can take a capacity of 160 kilos.