Different Models of Bruno Stairlifts

Bruno is a major manufacturer of many assistive devices and these include stairlifts, platform lifts and vehicle lifts. However, their strongest portfolio has to be the stairlift range of products. Here we will introduce the core Bruno models to help readers understand the functions and difference between the different models of Bruno.

Electra Ride LT SRE-2750

This is Bruno’s basic indoor model and is also the cheapest.It can carry users weighing up to 125 kg or 275 pounds. It has a swivel seat that allows the user to get in and out easily at either ends of the track. It is powered by two DC motors which can be plugged into the normal wall socket in your home. These batteries are rechargeable which nmean that even when you experience blackout in your home, you can still safely evacuate the elderly or wheelchair users down from the top floors. The rack and pinion drive ensures that the lift operates in a quiet and smooth way. When not in use, the rail can be folded up to create more space in the doorways. Wireless controls are set up at both ends of the rail to recall the chair from the other end.

Basically, this model is the simple and neat package which most basic users will buy. Its simple features serve the basic purpose of bringing the user from point A to B. It comes with two track lengths of 16 feet and 20 feet.

Electra Ride II SRE-1550

This is another indoor device similar to the SRE-2759 model, however, it is able to carry heavier weights of up to 159kg or 350 pounds. It has a flexible seating system with seat height adjustable from 22.5 inches to 25.5 inches. It is battery powered and major components are foldable to save space. Besides the standard rail track lengths, buyers can customize the length based on their home staircases.

Bruno Electra-Ride Elite

The Elite range of Bruno lifts is a combination of the normal functions of stairlifts added with a touch of elegance. It is refined to be suitable for modern homes with a graceful and compact design. It has comfortable head, foot and arm rests.

Bruno Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite SRE-2010E

This is Bruno’s outdoor range of products. It only comes in straight models and not for curved staircase. As this is meant for outdoor use, it has a weather proof elements built into the system. The materials used are tougher and weather resistant. As a second level of protection, it also comes with a weather resistant cover that is easily deployed and provides durable protection. It keeps out powerful weather elements like rain and sun. Moisture can also be kept out of the internal system with special fabric cover that protects the drive controller. The fabric cover also keeps out water, dirt and debris from getting inside the circuitry system.

It can carry weights of up to 181kg or 400 pounds. It is to be the most powerful of the Bruno portfolio. Its stainless steel and exterior grade hardware give it a tough disposition. It has undergone grueling test conditions and able to function from -15 to 52 degrees celsius.

Buying Bruno Stairlifts

All Bruno products come with Gold warranty, five years for major components and two years for parts. Even when you are second hand devices, we advise you to check for the validity of the gold support. You can also pay slightly more to renew the gold warranty if it has expired.