Curved Stair Lift For Elderly Sale

History Of Stair Lift

Stair lifts have been around for quite some time already. In fact, historical accounts point to a Mr. Crispen of Pennsylvania who after taking pity on a close friend because the latter was injured and could no longer go up and down the stair unassisted took it upon himself the responsibility, being a self-taught engineer, of creating a chair that will aid his friend in traversing staircases. This was sometime in the 1920s and called the chair the “Inclin-ator” said to be the first prototype of the stair lifts of today.

Besides the normal Stair Lifts made for straight staircases, there are also curved models for non straight stairways too. These curved stair lifts for elderly and disabled are increasingly popular as more homes now do not have straight staircases.

What Is Curved Stair Lift

Curved Stair Lift For ElderlyA curved stair lift is defined as a seat that has been motorized to run up and down the stairs on a curved track. It is composed of three assemblies that are inter-connected to work together. There is the track system also referred to as the “rail”, the carriage or the so-called drive system, and of course a seat, which is just your ordinary-looking chair only that it’s attached to a track and is capable of movement on its own.

One can choose from three kinds of stair lifts based on a person’s preferred position while going up and down the staircase. One can go up the stairs in a standing position through standing models, which is a good variety for those who have difficulty bending their knees. There is also the seated versions for those who really want to sit down while traversing a staircase; and the Perching Stair Lifts.

Why You Need A Curved Stair Lift?

Though curved stair lifts are much more expensive than the straight kind, homeowners don’t really have a choice but to have it installed when the need arises because it is the variety most suitable to their stairs and it is cheaper than having their stairways torn down and replacing it with a straight ones. The same goes for spiral staircases and stairs that changes directions in several areas of the staircase. However, if it so happens that one’s staircase has a flat landing the size of nine square feet or more before it changes direction, a more economical plan would be installing two straight ones.

Three Popular Brands

Speaking of cost, here are the three most popular brands for your choosing. Price guides are provided in the list as well.

1. Thyssenkrupp Flow – This is Europe-made and costs around $1,500.

2. Sterling 2000 – This is UK-made and costs in the range $2,500.

3. Stannah 260 – This is another UK-made curved stair lift and costs approximately $3,500.

Websites Selling Curved Stair Lifts

Finally, for those in need of good websites to purchase a curved stair lift from, here are three manufacturer websites: (1); (2); and (3)