Cheapest Standers Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Introduction To Security Pole With Grab Bar

A security pole with grab bar can be installed in any place in the house where a person needs support to stand up and sit down. It can be installed in the bathroom near the toilet seat so that a person who needs to stand up with support can hold on to it while he sits down and also take support from it while he stands up again. It can be used to complement Toilet Lifts for the Elderly. This apparatus can be installed in the living room near a couch and also in the bedroom near a chair. People are free to install this contraption wherever they want in order to help them stand and sit. The good part about a security pole with grab bar is that it is easy to install and takes up very little space because the grab bar is usually flexible and can be moved out of the way to make room. The security pole with grab bar can be used by a person of any age who needs support while getting up from a chair a stool or a sofa. The security pole can be used by absolutely anybody from an old person to a teenager who may have been in an accident and finds it difficult to stand.

Standers Security Pole With Curve Grab Bar

The biggest advantage of the Standers security pole with curve grab bar is that it can be installed easily and works on the tension mount

Cheap Standers Security Pole with Curve Bar

principle which makes it easy to install anywhere in the house. It has a pivoting grab bar that can be locked every 45 degrees which makes it a two in one apparatus. It can be installed for ceiling heights of 7ft, 9ft and even 10ft. It has a comfortable cushion grip which is safe as it will not allow the user to slip. It can be easily disassembled into smaller pieces that are easier to handle and transport. It weighs only about twenty pounds and can support weight up to an amazing three hundred pounds. The material used to make the Standers security pole with grab bar is resistant to rust and hence more durable. The Standers security pole with grab bar is a truly helpful apparatus and can be installed by anyone and does not need any extra tools. It does not cause any damage to the ceiling or the floor and can be moved around the house whenever required and installed with ease.

Best Prices For Standers Security Pole And Curve Grab Bar

If you want to find the lowest prices for Standers Pole And Curve Grab Bar, then the best place to start is the Internet. Typically, if you only want the Security Pole, it will cost less than $130. However, if you wish to add the curve grab bar, the average price is around $200 with some retailers selling for $199. Standers Security Pole comes in two colors, white and black, there is no difference in pricing when you choose either one.

If budget is a constraint, then you should consider getting used Standers Security Pole And Curve Grab Bar from websites such as Craigslist and eBay. The prices on offer there are lighter on the wallet and cost much cheaper than brand new models. You may even find bargain deals there if you inspect the products properly.