Cheap Replacement Lift Chair Controllers

Importance Of Your Controller

Owners of Power Lift Chairs know that the controller is one of the most important parts of the chair. It is the one part that you use often and is the most prone to wear and tear. Here are some tips to help you keep your lift chair controller working well as well as some resources for repairing the controller and for replacements if you need them.

Caring For Your Lift Chair Hand Controls

Replacement Lift Chair ControllerAlways make sure that you are gentle with your remote control. Pressing the controller harder will not make your chair rise any faster. If the motor sounds strained and the chair does not lift up as smoothly as when new, you should not attempt to force the hand controller.

If you are using a wired controller, make sure that the coiled controller cable never gets caught under the lift chair or it may get damaged or cut.

Never drop or sit on the hand controller itself. This is an easy mistake to make if you have a pendant type controller or a wireless remote control. If you spill any liquid on your controller, unplug the chair from the power immediately to remove any chance of electric shock and dry the controller out with a cloth or with compressed air. Leave the power unplugged for a few hours till the controller is dry before resuming usage.

Repairing Lift Chair Controller

If you do end up damaging the controls, you do not need to worry as the controller and the cables are easy to repair or replace due to their modular construction. You can save some cost by replacing these yourself. If the controller cable is damaged, you can order a replacement. If the hand controller cannot be disconnected and taken to a local repair shop it may be cheaper to order a new part online. Sites like have all types of controllers starting at about $50. From round-up, round-down type to hand controllers with quick disconnect to protect you from tripping over the wires and to prevent damage to the controller as well. If you look around on the Internet you are also bound to come across Lift Chair Parts Sale where you will find even better deals. It is wise to buy those commonly worn out parts so you can have a ready replacement on standby. This will reduce the downtime for the lifting device and ensure a comfortable experience for the end users.