Pride Lift Chair LC105 Reviews

Pride LC105, The Comfortable Lift Chair For All

For people who have always wanted a recliner chair at home but have never been able to afford one, the Pride Lift Chair LC105 is perfect. From the top selling brand in the market, this new model from the Pride Speciality range is the most economical model.

Pride LC105 SaleThe Pride LC-105 is the cheapest lift chair that Pride has ever sold. At a starting price of just under seven hundred and fifty dollars, the Pride LC-105 undercuts all of the competition. You can save even more money if you buy the LC 105 online as some retailers will sell you the chair for less than six hundred dollars and that includes free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Features Rich Pride LC 105

Despite the low price, the new Pride chair still has all the trademark features of the rest of the Pride Lift Chair Range. The chair has the same three position lift system as any other Pride chair. It has a sewn pillow back for maximum comfort and comes with your choice from a range of micro-suede fabrics. With a seating capacity of up to 325 lb. the LC 105 is enough to support most people. The Pride even comes with its own built in battery back up so that you can have complete peace of mind.

What Users say about their Pride Lift Chairs

Reviewers of the Pride LC-105 roundly praise the completely silent operation of the chair and the smooth movement of the lift mechanism. People also love the plush upholstery on it that lets them sit for hours in comfort and even sleep in their Pride chairs. The few users who needed service for the Pride LC-105 were pleased with the warranty support they received.

Useful And Good Lift Chair Accessories

Lift chairs are a useful for anyone who has trouble getting out of a chair due to knee, back problems or any other physical impairment. There is a huge range of accessories available for that will make you more comfortable, more productive and more relaxed.

Chair Arms

There is no need to keep the standard arms that come with your lift chair. There are many different kinds of arm rests available that will make getting into and out of the device much easier. These include arms that are completely removable as well as arms that swing out of the way, whether up or to the side. There are also motor powered arms available for minimum effort by user. Whether you get up yourself or need help to be transferred from your lift chair, retractable arms make the process much easier.

Overlap Trays And Side Tables

Like most people who own lift chairs, if you spend a considerable amount of time on it, you will need a table. Whether to eat while seated, reading, or just a table to place things within reach, a retractable table is an essential accessory. Overlap tray tables are the best for eating as they are in the right position directly in front of you but they need to be removed to get in or out of the chair. Side tables that attach to the arms are more practical for most uses besides eating as they free you to get in and out of the chair and if the arms swing away the table also goes with them

Recliner Footrests

Any sort of recliner needs a footrest for the user to be totally relaxed. Many high end lift chairs come with bundled foot rests but even if yours did not, you can buy in foot rest seperately. These come in two types. There are retractable foot rests that are attached to the recliner itself. These save space and are safe because you will never trip over them. The other kind is a stand alone foot stool type of foot rest. These can be more comfortable but they take more space and you might trip over them if you forget they are placed there.

Making Lift Chair Comfortable

Besides the mentioned accessories that improve the user experience. You can also choose to add pillows to provide additional support and comfort while resting. The head pillow helps to support your neck if you wish to take a nap on the chair. The lumbar pillow protects the lower back if you are sitting on the chair for prolong period. Other useful accessories include Mattresses, Fitted Sheet, Protective Pad and Storage Bag.

Prices And Where To Buy

Some great online sources for lift chair accessories are, and Prices for arm rests start at about a hundred and twenty dollars and up, overlap trays normally cost about a hundred and eighty dollars or so and retractable foot rests cost about eighty dollars. These accessories do not cost a lot but they can add a lot of value to the users.

Pride Lift Chair For Sale

Pride is the maker of some of the most popular and best selling lift chairs on the market. The reasons for the popularity are the range on offer, the competitive pricing, features and the comprehensive warranty that Pride offers.

Pride Models

The Pride range of Lift chairs comes in four lines with a number of models in each line.

Pride Lift Chairs SaleThe basic line is called the Pride Elegance Collection. This range is a collection of three position chaise loungers with a full recline function in a number of fabrics and your choice of split back, pillow back or shell back.

The next line is the Pride Heritage Collection. This range has larger and heavier recliners with two position and three position lifts and partial recline functions

The Pride Classic Collection is the entry level line of lift chairs. The chairs are narrower in width, about twenty inches. There are two or three position reclines available depending upon the model.

The Pride Speciality Collection is the top of the line range with recliners that have swing out arms for easy transfers and footrest extensions as well. Some models in this range even have separate foot rests bundled with the lift chairs. The Speciality Collection includes a wall hugger model that keeps the chair close to the wall even when lifted. This model, the Pride LL 805, is perfect for small rooms.

The price starts at about nine hundred dollars for fabric upholstered versions and about eleven hundred dollars for leather covered chairs. This is in line with the prices of similar products in the market.

Warranty on Pride Lift Chairs

Pride offers the best warranty in the industry for their products. Standard two to five year warranties come with the purchase depending upon the model, and Pride offers a lifetime warranty on the metal lift frame on all lift chairs.

Chair Parts

Pride offers a range of optional accessories as well as replacement parts. Pride chairs are available with heating as well as massage motors built in to them along with a suitable remote to control the additional functions offered. The remotes are spill resistant and have an auto shut off function after twenty minutes of massage to protect the motors.

Custom designed lumbar pillows, head support pillows and even protective pads are available for every model. Pride even offers kits to help you maintain your lift chair looking and functioning like new. There is an upholstery stain removal kit available as well as wipes for leather and vinyl and leg levellers with non skid pads on the bottom to protect your floors.

Cheap Replacement Lift Chair Controllers

Importance Of Your Controller

Owners of Power Lift Chairs know that the controller is one of the most important parts of the chair. It is the one part that you use often and is the most prone to wear and tear. Here are some tips to help you keep your lift chair controller working well as well as some resources for repairing the controller and for replacements if you need them.

Caring For Your Lift Chair Hand Controls

Replacement Lift Chair ControllerAlways make sure that you are gentle with your remote control. Pressing the controller harder will not make your chair rise any faster. If the motor sounds strained and the chair does not lift up as smoothly as when new, you should not attempt to force the hand controller.

If you are using a wired controller, make sure that the coiled controller cable never gets caught under the lift chair or it may get damaged or cut.

Never drop or sit on the hand controller itself. This is an easy mistake to make if you have a pendant type controller or a wireless remote control. If you spill any liquid on your controller, unplug the chair from the power immediately to remove any chance of electric shock and dry the controller out with a cloth or with compressed air. Leave the power unplugged for a few hours till the controller is dry before resuming usage.

Repairing Lift Chair Controller

If you do end up damaging the controls, you do not need to worry as the controller and the cables are easy to repair or replace due to their modular construction. You can save some cost by replacing these yourself. If the controller cable is damaged, you can order a replacement. If the hand controller cannot be disconnected and taken to a local repair shop it may be cheaper to order a new part online. Sites like have all types of controllers starting at about $50. From round-up, round-down type to hand controllers with quick disconnect to protect you from tripping over the wires and to prevent damage to the controller as well. If you look around on the Internet you are also bound to come across Lift Chair Parts Sale where you will find even better deals. It is wise to buy those commonly worn out parts so you can have a ready replacement on standby. This will reduce the downtime for the lifting device and ensure a comfortable experience for the end users.

Guide To Repairing Lift Chairs

Learn To Repair Your Own Lift Chair

For anyone that has back, knee problems or indeed any type of disability that makes getting out of a chair difficult or painful a lift chair is a boon. Recliners take the work out of getting up as they lift you up almost to a standing position. A normal lift chair will do this many times a day which may add up to a few thousand times a year. This means that they need to be serviced often and they break down as well. However you do not need to have professional service personnel to diagnose and even fix basic faults.

How To Diagnose Faults

Here are a few often encountered scenarios many users face regularly. Most of these are easy to remedy yourself with the help of an online guide or user manual.

When Your Lift Chair Breaks Down

The lift chair is not working at all and you cannot even hear the motor. In this case the power  may be unplugged or the power connection may be loose. Try plugging it in to a different power socket and check that the power cable is not frayed or broken.

Lift Chair Stops Working after A Few Cycles

If it stops working after it has lifted and reclined a few times it may be due to over heating. Leave the chair off for a few minutes and then see if it runs. This may indicate the motor needs repairing or replacement. You can buy replacement motors online at eBay or find a local listing of suppliers. The motors are not expensive to replace and you can also buy used motors.

Lift Chair Motor Runs But The Chair Does Not Move

If you can hear the motor running when you operate the controls then the gears may be stripped or faulty. As this is not something that can be solved by basic troubleshooting, it is best to engage experts to look into the system. You will need to have the movement mechanism on your lift chair serviced by a technician.

Lift Chair Does Not Lift Up User

If your lift chair can operate when empty but cannot lift you up while loaded, and you can hear the motor running then you may need a new capacitor for your motor. This requires some basic hands on from the owner as soldering skills are required. You can find capacitor and other Lift Chair Parts at Amazon. If you want to save some money from hiring Lift Chair experts, then be prepared to get your hands dirty by Fixing Lift Chairs yourself.