Cheap Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift Sale

When the elderly or the disabled are looking for a good bath lift in the market it is essential that certain features are included to ensure a safe and at the same time independent bathing experience. Toilet aids for disabled individuals come in many different styles with various functions, some more essential than luxurious. The Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift is an excellent toilet aid which can truly enhance the bathing experience by providing a safe and easy to use bathing mechanism.

Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift Specifications

Cheap Aquatec Beluga BathliftAquatec Beluga bath lift specifications include some commendable features like a 35 degree reclining back rest which allows the user to relax while taking a shower. The seat of the bathtub lift can go as low as two and a half inches from the bottom of the tub which will ensure that the person can submerge fully in the water. The Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift is the best amongst the portable bath lift systems because it is light, easy to pack and comes in a size which will fit almost any bath tub. When it comes to toilet aids for the elderly, safety is the most important feature and the Aquatec Beluga bath lift specifications will show that it provides ample safety with its side flaps and non slip cover material that provides enough friction to stop the person from slipping. The Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift when fully charged can be used twenty times and will not lower unless there is enough charge to reverse the process.

Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift Reviews

Aquatec Beluga reviews will show that it has an easy to use water proof control system with uncomplicated buttons which can be easily used by people who are visually impaired. The buttons on the control are easily visible and are very simple to use. Since this product is used in water, the parts are made from plastic and steel so that there is no fear of the product rusting after prolonged use. This brand of bath lift can take a weight of up to 300 pounds and comes with a three year warranty. It is easy to clean since the covers can be removed easily and washed in a washing machine. The apparatus can be used with or without the covers. Since the system is light, it can be easily transported or dismantled if the person wants to clean it. The number one concern when buying a bath lift is safety, the second being ease of use and the third being comfort.

Bathtub Lifts For Elderly and Disabled

As a person grows older simple tasks like taking a bath can become extremely tedious due to weak muscles and injuries. An elderly person may find it very difficult to lower him or herself into a bathtub and then get up again once they are finished because it takes quite a lot of strength in the upper arm to lift the entire body weight up and out of the tub. A bath lift is an apparatus which has been designed specifically for the purpose of allowing the elderly and the disabled to bathe independently by providing a platform which can be raised and lowered into the bath tub through a mechanism that is powered by electricity. Bathing aids for disabled people are quickly gaining popularity because of the comfort and independence they can provide.

How Bathtub Lift Works

Cheap Bathtub Lifts for Handicap and ElderlyA bath lift basically consists of a plastic seat and a backrest which forms a sort of a Bathtub Lift Chair that can be lowered into the bath tub. There are several different types of bath lifts with many different options but their basic function is the same. The system is installed against the wall above the tub and the seat is a little above the level of the rim of the tub. When a person wants to get into the tub, he has to sit on the seat, lift his legs over the rim of the tub and press a button which activates the mechanism to lower the seat of the lift till it reaches the bottom of the tub. Once the person has finished bathing he has to press another button which activates the mechanism once more to raise the seat back to its normal position near the rim of the bath tub.

Bathtub Lift Reviews

There are different types of Bath Lifts For Handicapped People. Depending on the age of the person and the degree of disability there are many different options available to a person who is out to purchase a bath lift. A bath lift is made up of a seat and the back rest. Certain models have a function in which the back rest can be set at an incline which allows the person to have a more comfortable shower. For people who find it difficult to lift their legs, certain lifts have a swivel seat which makes it easier for the person to sit down and slide their legs over the rim. When choosing a bath lift, the person can also choose the types of remote control he wants. There are controls that float in the water and there are others which are fixed to the wall. These controls are water proof and are safe to use even if mistakenly submerged in water.

Bathtub Lift Prices

A typical Bath Lift costs within the range of $700 to $1000 depending on the brand and features of handicap bath lift. However, if you are unable to afford the price of disabled bathtub lift, there is always the option of buying used Bath Lifts Online through retailers like Craigslist and EBay.

New Bath Lift for Sale

Introducing Bath Lift

There is a wide range of Stairlifts that can help to solve user inconvenience by providing a safe to use and industry certified equipment. These lifts enable users who are unable to stand for a long time to be able to have a good and relaxing shower in the bath tub. All the users have to do is to transfer to the seat of the stairlift and control the seat either up or down. A remote control is provided for ease of control.

In order to assist the users in getting in and out of the lift, there are two flaps that will rest on the side of the bath tub. It will ease the boarding of the bath lift by the user. Once the user is inside the bath tub, he/she should extend their legs as the lift is in motion. Do not place the legs under the seat.

Safety Considerations

Bath lift saleFrom the usage point of view, the bath lift is definitely a good addition to the home if you have aged parents or handicapped users. It makes showering for this group of users so much easier. However, safety is still the most important factor to remember. All bath lifts have passed a safety check and certified ready for deployment. They are fitted with alerts to remind users that the battery is low and a recharge is required before use. It will be dangerous if the user were to be stuck inside the bath tub.


This is a simple to set up device and the full system can be implemented in less than four hours. To ensure that users are do not slip when they board the bath lift, it is advisable to add handles at both sides of the bathtub. A wall power outlet has to be provisioned near the tub for the lift to recharge using normal household rated electricity.