Sell Used Lift Chair

Lift Chairs are useful assistive devices to own at home if you have elderly or obese family members. It is like any other home furniture and undergoes more wear and tear than normal. It is used on a daily basis with the constant lifting and adjustments to different positions as the users operate it. Most people will have a headache when they want to dispose of their used lift chairs. As the device is still functioning properly, they find it a waste to simply leave it at the junkyard. There could still be some residual value and perhaps it can be sold for some cash, however little it is.

How To Dispose Of Lift Chairs

Donating Used Lift Chairs To Local Care Centers

There are a few channels where you can dispose of your old lift chairs. Firstly, you can donate it to the local elderly care center where the residents can use it. You can give these centers a call and ask if they are willing to accept this donation. If they do, they will send a transport to ferry it. You need to ensure that your equipment is in functioning condition before donating them.

Selling Used Lift Chairs

The other way of disposing is by selling it to willing buyers. You can list your used lift chairs for sale in local classified newspapers or supermarkets. However, the most efficient and hassle free method is to place them on the Internet for sale. Classified websites such as are excellent platforms for you to advertise the sale. When you place your ads, remember to upload a few pictures of the device in different positions. You also need to include basic information such as the manufacturer, model number and describe its actual condition. Interested buyers usually can reply to your ad for negotiation.

Price Of Lift Chair

When you intend to sell your old lift chair, you must be able to quote a price that is consistent with its value after taking into account depreciation.  Typically, you will depreciate the price by about 15% annually from the price you have paid originally.

Other conditions affecting the value include the physical condition. The fabric has to be stainless and no significant wear and tear such as burn marks. You should always maintain your lift chairs so you can sell them for a good value later. It is always advisable to thoroughly clean and wash the fabric before you actually publish it for sale. This is to ensure you can get the best value when selling.

How To Maintain Your Home Lift Chairs In Good Condition

When your mobility is impaired and you are buying a lift chair, the first question, you would be probably asking yourself is how you intend to maintain the chair. Mentioned below are a few of the items that can help you keep the it in good condition.

Replacing Batteries For Lift Chairs

Most likely, all Lift Chairs come with a battery back up. Despite this, batteries usually have a normal life cycle of about 2 years and will need a new set after this. By diligently replacing your battery, you can keep your lift chair running for years to come.

Fabric Stain Removal & Freshener Kit To Clean Home Lift Chairs

The fabric cleaning kit helps to restore your lift chair to the same condition it was in when you purchased it. It comes with a stain remover and a cleaning brush. These cleaners are safe for fabric and upholstery that could otherwise be cleaned with water and without the use of harsh chemicals.

Two Pack Chair Seat Incontinence Pad To Protect Lift Chairs

It is advisable that you purchase the “two pack” chair seat incontinence pads. Not only it saves you money, but you will also have an alternate pad when the other pad is being washed. It not only protects the chair from any stains, but also and soaks up any fluids. It is also machine wash friendly. It comes with three layers (suede, polyester/ rayon and polyester bottom) supported with a water proof vinyl. It also protects the chair from any embarrassing large stains.

Two Pack Chair Seat Protector

This shields the chair from any ugly stains, spills or pet hair or liquids that could leak and ruin the upholstery. They are also machine-washable.

Chair Seat & Back Protector

It protects the chair from any wear and tear, particularly on the worn-out areas and also  protects the seat, its back, and the armrests. The seat’s waterproof backing prevents any liquid from leaking through the seat and back protector, if and when spills happen. The protector is also machine washable.

Full Lift Chair Cover

The cover shields the chair from any stains or any wear and tear that needs to be covered up. It has a spandex stretch cover which stretches to the chair’s frame and makes it easy to tuck in the excess fabric.

AquaJoy Premier Bath Lift Review

It can be very tough for the elderly to cleanse themselves daily in the bathtub without external aid or assistance. They also have to walk on slippery bathroom floors and then find a way to enter the high-edged tub. Furthermore, they have to lower themselves on the floor of the bathtub, which can be extremely stressful making them prone to accidents. This is where a Bath lift for elderly or disabled can be extremely useful. Drive Medical Limited, the parent company of AquaJoy Bath lifts is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality bathlifts.

Product Features of the AquaJoy Premier Bath Lift

The AquaJoy Premier bath has many accessories that include chest and waist straps, headrest, and a swivel seat. One of its unique features is that it can carry users who weigh up to 375 pounds. It has a lightweight, fully waterproof, and floating hand control, which is comfortable to hold and operate. It has further suction pads on its reverse side, which can be used to stick to the side of the bath or to the tiles. It also has a charge indicator light, which lights up whenever it needs to be charged. The product comes with an optional rotating seat and its power source is a battery. It has the reclining facility with removable padding and washable back and seat covers. It has a seat width of 15.3 inches and a depth of 22.8 inches. The backrest width is 13.4 inches and a backrest height of 23.8 inches with a total product weight of 28.9 pounds. The seat height when lowered measures to 3.1 inches and the seat height when raised comes to 18.1 inches with a seat width that measures to 27 inches with its flaps down.

Price Range

The AquaJoy Premier Bath Lift has a regular list price of $1499, although most of the companies sell it at a price of $1,099 and above. It can be bought at a price of around $1,105. The battery comes with a full one-year warranty.

User Reviews

Customers felt that the AquaJoy customer service was excellent and the product gave real value for their money. One of the unique features of the AquaJoy bath lift that most users liked is that the hand control does not lower unless it has adequate charge to raise the user back to the top. Customers also feel that this was a better unit, although it is slightly higher priced.

Bellavita Reclining Bath Lift Review

People with mobility issues are likely to fall or slip in the bathroom. Owning a bath lift allows such people to enjoy a full soak in the tub without worrying of a fall because of their physical conditions. This device allows physically challenged individuals to bathe independently, thus eliminating the need for external help. It also provides users the comfort and support that they need while bathing. Bellavita reclining bath lift is a product from Drive Medical Limited.

Product Features of the Bellavita Reclining Bath Lift

The Bellavita reclining bath lift is a portable, flexible and a lightweight system, in which the back reclines when the chair is all the way down. It has a tool free assembly and it weighs just around 20.5 pounds making it the lightest and the lowest bath lift in the market. However, it is also compatible with deeper model bathtubs as well and it can carry users who weigh even 300 pounds. The bath lift gradually lowers the user into the bathtub. It also comes with a waterproof, floatable hand control that allows the user to operate the lift chair. The chair has padded backrest and seat provided the user with additional comfort. Its easy construction allows is to easily fold up when the chair is not in use. It can also be easily assembled or disassembled. It has suction cups at the bottom that provides the user that stability while they are showering.

Price Range

This ultra modern product from Drive Medical has a regular price of $789, but it has a special price of around $479. It can also be purchased at Amazon for around $558. The price does not include the cost of any accessories. It comes with a two-year warranty on battery and headset and a lifetime warranty on frame and motor.

User Reviews

Consumers felt that the delivery was very quick and they loved the tracking number being sent to their email as it helped them with their delivery. They also felt that unlike other products, it made users more confident and they were no longer afraid of inconvenience while taking their daily bath. The best part they felt was that they didn’t have to twist nor turn and get on their knees to get out of the tub. A few of them had special praise for the great service, especially when they received from the company a free hand control unit the next day when they had complained about the unit not working during the warranty period.

Basics of Scooter Lifts

The Basics Of Wheelchair And Scooter Lifts

If you are a mobility scooter or power wheelchair user and are looking at ways of taking your scooter or wheelchair with you this article should get you up to speed on mobility scooter lifts for cars and vans. A scooter lift will help you to carry your scooter safely and legally in your car or van so that you can bring it along for holidays or road trips. There are a few different types of scooter lifts.

Types Of Scooter Lifts

Mobility scooter lifts can be most broadly divided into two main types. There are outside vehicle and inside vehicle lifts. The type of lift that you should use depends upon the kind of scooter you have and the size of your transport vehicle i.e. car or van.

Outside Lifts For Scooters Or Power Wheelchairs

Best Price Scooter Lifts OnlineAn outside lift is basically a platform that raises your scooter up and off the ground but keeps it outside your car or van. The first advantage of this is that they do not take up space inside your vehicle. Since the wheelchair or scooter is outside your vehicle you do not lose the huge amount of space that they would have being taken up inside your car or van. These lifts are ideally used on smaller vehicles that cannot fit a scooter or wheelchair.

The major disadvantage is that there is no protection for your scooter from the elements and even from theft. Also, if your scooter or wheelchair is not secured to the platform tightly, there is a risk of it falling off. Though the platforms   normally fold up but they still spoil the looks of vehicles which some people do not like.

Inside Lifts For Scooters And Power Wheelchairs

Inside lifts transfer your scooter or wheelchair up on a platform till level with the inside of the car or van at which point you roll the scooter inside the vehicle. The advantage is that your scooter of wheelchair is completely safe from traffic, the elements and from theft as well. There are also mobility scooter lifts for pickup trucks that are like a small crane with manual or powered operation. Even if your scooter is not secured perfectly there is still little chance of it falling out of the vehicle. Since there is no external hardware they do not spoil the vehicles’ looks or aerodynamic efficiency.

The major drawbacks of inside vehicle scooter lift is that you will sacrifice a large amount of cargo or passenger space when using the lift. Also you need to have a vehicle that is physically large enough to actually accommodate your electric scooter or wheelchair.

Mobility Scooter Lift Prices

The prices of inside vehicle scooter lifts generally start at around four hundred dollars at websites online but you can expect to pay more for those with greater weight capacity. Prices are different for models with a weight capacity of up to 400 lb. Alternatively, you can try the second hand scooter lifts which are often cheaper and still serve the purpose.

Renting Scooter Lifts

Sometimes, you may only need the scooter lifts for a short period of time such as when travelling for holidays. In these circumstances, it is best to rent from local vendors or hospitals. The rental prices are usually low and you do not need to worry about the cost of ownership such as maintenance, repair and replacing parts.