Bruno SRE-3000 Elan Straight Stairlift Reviews

Bruno is a Swedish company that has been manufacturing stair lifts for over 25 years. Lifts for North America are manufactured in a U.S. plant.  A stairlift, or chair lift as it is also known, is the ideal solution for people with mobility issues. It is the perfect aid for seniors, and handicapped people with knee, hip and leg disabilities which make it almost impossible for them to climb staircase.

Construction Of Typical Stair Lift

A stairlift is usually made of three sub-assemblies which all work together. These are the rail system (also called the track), the drive system (known as the carriage), and the seat. The seat is attached to the drive system and this assembly runs up and down the rail system as a single unit. It operates on electricity and are powered either by a rechargeable battery system or are plugged directly into the domestic power supply.

Bruno Stairlift

The Bruno Elan Straight Rail SRE-3000 is one of the company’s newest models. It is a straight rail lift which offers homeowners outstanding value for its price. It comes with a host of features many of which are found only in top-of-the-line models. Some of these quality features are:
·         Fold up seat, armrests and footrests which occupy only 12” of space when folded.
·         Height-adjustable swivel seat for safe exit
·         2 wireless call and send controls.
·         In-built safety sensors which stop the lift as soon as it encounters an obstruction
·         Rack and pinion drive for smooth, silent operation
·         Continuous charge strips on the rail for safe use at all times, even during power outages
·         Could be installed on either side of the stairway as close as 5” to the wall

This model of the Bruno has been specially designed for narrow stairways so that it folds up as a compact unit and does not pose an obstruction to others using the stairs.

Other salient features of Bruno SRE-3000 Elan Stairlift

·        300 lb weight capacity
·        Generous seat size with adjustable seat heights
·      Operates continuously through 2 x 12 Volt batteries powered from any domestic outlet for dependable performance, even during power outages
·       Electromagnetic braking system with self-locking gearbox and over-speed brake for total safety

What is the price of Bruno SRE-3000 Elan Straight stair lift?

The company does not publish the price of this model. Prices are available on request. Visit the company website at for further information.

Are stair lifts covered by insurance or Medicare?

Medicare does not cover stairlifts but a program like Medicaid does, in some states and under certain conditions. If your insurance covers it, you could get a Bruno stair lift provided your doctor justifies its purchase and considers it necessary. Some dealers might help you finance your purchase with a payment plan. You could also take a home loan to purchase a stairlift as it is considered a home improvement modification.

Best Reviews Of Bruno Stair Lifts

Stairlifts are mechanical devices which lift people and wheelchairs up and down stairs. One of the leading names in is Bruno, among the few manufacturers in North America which has been manufacturing them for over a quarter of a century now. A stairlift is the perfect solution to someone with mobility issues. This is especially applicable to seniors or handicapped people suffering from knee, leg and hip disabilities which make it difficult or impossible for them to climb stairs.

What are the various models of Bruno offers?

Bruno provides arguably the largest range of stairlifts in the country. Here are brief details of their chair lift models:

  • The Electra-Ride LT is ideal as an entry-level, home straight-rail stairlift. It is powered by a battery operated, direct-drive motor which makes it usable even during power outages. Its generously sized swivel seat folds up, along with the footrest and arms, to enable free movement of others when the lift is not in use. This model has a capacity of 275 pounds.
  • The Electra-Ride II has the same features along with swing-away arms to facilitate wheelchair or mobility scooter transfers. It also has a larger capacity up to 350 pounds.
  • The Electra Ride Elite is a straight-rail home chair lift with a carrying capacity of 400 pounds. This is a more elegantly designed version with an offset swivel seat.
  • The Outdoor Electra Ride Elite is an outdoor straight-rail chair lift specially designed for outdoor use. It is weather-resistant with a powder coated finish on all aluminum and steel parts, and with a weather-resistant chair cover. Like all other Bruno models it is generously spaced and able to handle up to 400 pounds. All other features of the indoor Elite model are incorporated in this version which, being battery operated, is able to work during power outages.
  • The Electra-Ride Curved III is a custom-curved rail stairlift that has been designed to work on almost all curved stairways. It has a 400 pound capacity and all other features of the Elite models.

Bruno StairLift Safety Certification

Bruno makes a complete range of residential and commercial stairlifts, hence it is important that the company is ISO 9001 certified which means it has to adhere strictly to high quality standards to retain this certification. It also boasts a worldwide network of dealers so a customer is assured of after-sales service through skilled personnel. Owners can easily replace  parts as they are widely available with the dealers or online.

Bruno Electra Ride iii Price And Review

New Bruno Electra Ride III Curved Rail Stairlift

Aged or invalid owners of beautiful multi-storey houses with curved staircases have long struggled with the question of accessing different floors of their properties. Bruno may have a great solution with the new Electra-Ride III Stairlift for curved staircases. Bruno custom fits the Electra Ride III to each individual staircase and it can be mounted on virtually any staircase. The Electra Ride mounts on either side of the staircase for greatest flexibility.

The Price Of The Electra Ride III

Bruno electra ride iii CRE 2110 saleSince the Electra Ride is custom designed and fitted to each individual staircase that you buy it for, there is no real base price for the model and the costs will depend upon the length and the complexity of the installation in your house or property. The installation is done by professionals from Bruno and takes just a few weeks.

Bruno Electra Ride III Features

The new Electra Ride III has the same features as the Electra Ride II and as well as additional premium features. These start with the rack and pinion drive as well as a quiet drive motor for virtually silent operation. Two remotes let you send as well as call the stairlift from either end of the stairs. The

controllers are also completely solid state. No moving parts means there is less likelihood of the parts wearing easily. Safety features include a retractable safety belt and a footplate with a sensor to stop the stairlift if it senses an obstacle in your path. There is also a battery back up as well so that you are never stranded half way up the stairs if the power goes out.

Electra Ride III Parts

The already custom fitted Electra Ride III can be customised even further with everything from aesthetic options like seven different types of upholstery on the seat to convenience options like a power folding footrest, midway park and charge station for staircases with a landing. Also available are top and bottom park positions for extra security and a power swivel function to help users get into and out of the chair easily. The motor, drive and the controllers are easily removable and replaceable if needed as is the chair.

Servicing the Bruno Electra Ride

Bruno Stairlift is renowned for its quality and reliability. Its top of the line Electra Ride III with a comprehensive five year service plan and a two year warranty coverage on all the parts on the stairlift for complete peace of mind. The durable construction and heavy duty parts used on the Electra mean that it should give years of trouble free service.

Electra Ride III Reviews

Users of the Electra Ride III say that it is probably the only Curved Stairway Lift that they have ever felt truly comfortable using due to its extremely smooth ride. Many users say that the swivel function that makes the chair point the right way whether travelling up or down makes for a more natural riding position. People who have had to get service for the Electra Ride are pleased with the prompt service from Bruno.

Bruno Electra Ride ii Price And Review

New Bruno Stairlift Electra Ride II straight rail stair lift

Bruno makes some of the most popular stair lifts today and the Bruno Stairlift Electra-Ride II is their latest high end model model. Electra Ride II can also be identified as Bruno SRE-1550. Not only is the Electra Ride II one of the best products on the market today it is also one of the best value for money

Bruno Electra Ride II Features

Bruno Electra Ride II SRE 1550 ReviewThe new Electra Ride II has been revamped and a host of features have been added including a new rack and pinion drive system along with a silent motor that makes the stair lift quieter than any competing model. The seat swivels up to ninety degrees at both landing points so as to allow elderly or disabled people to easily board the seat at the top of the stair case as well as the at the bottom. The Electra Ride also has a remote call as well as a remote send feature. The armrests on the seat are fully adjustable, the seat height can also be customised to your liking and the seat itself can take a user that weighs up to 350 lbs. and it also comes with a standard seatbelt.

Safety Of Bruno Electra Ride Lifts

The Electra Ride II has a number of safety features as well. In addition to the standard safety belt there are also sensors in the chair that will automatically stop it while travelling if there are any obstacles in the path of the stairlift. The chair also swivels automatically so you are facing the right way whether at the top of the stairs or the bottom. Bruno adhere to all ANSI A-18.1 safety standards for residential use. The lift also features two individual 12 volt batteries so that there is always a power source no matter what.

Bruno Electra Ride Price

Despite having more features compared to other straight Stairway Lifts, the Bruno Electra Ride II StraightRun Stairlift costs just about 3800 USD for versions that cater for straight staircases with the price going up for the version that works with curved staircases.

Parts for the Electra Ride II

Bruno offers the Electra Ride with straight rails of up to 20 feet as standard. Curved rails can also be custom fitted to your individual staircases as an option. The other standard Bruno Electra Parts that are modular in design and are easy to replace are the drive motor, the send and call controllers as well as the armrests and the footrest for the chair.

Bruno Electra Ride II Service And Warranty

It says a lot about the confidence that the company has in the quality of their product that Bruno offers the Electra Ride II with a five year parts as well as service warranty. This should ensure complete peace of mind for users who buy the product.

Bruno Electra Ride II Reviews

Users of the Electra Ride II SRE-1550 all have praise for the smooth travel of the chair along the rails as well as the soft starts and stops at each end. The people who also had options like the swivel fitted to their Electra Ride say that it makes ingress and egress much simpler as the chair is always pointing the right way.

Different Models of Bruno Stairlifts

Bruno is a major manufacturer of many assistive devices and these include stairlifts, platform lifts and vehicle lifts. However, their strongest portfolio has to be the stairlift range of products. Here we will introduce the core Bruno models to help readers understand the functions and difference between the different models of Bruno.

Electra Ride LT SRE-2750

This is Bruno’s basic indoor model and is also the cheapest.It can carry users weighing up to 125 kg or 275 pounds. It has a swivel seat that allows the user to get in and out easily at either ends of the track. It is powered by two DC motors which can be plugged into the normal wall socket in your home. These batteries are rechargeable which nmean that even when you experience blackout in your home, you can still safely evacuate the elderly or wheelchair users down from the top floors. The rack and pinion drive ensures that the lift operates in a quiet and smooth way. When not in use, the rail can be folded up to create more space in the doorways. Wireless controls are set up at both ends of the rail to recall the chair from the other end.

Basically, this model is the simple and neat package which most basic users will buy. Its simple features serve the basic purpose of bringing the user from point A to B. It comes with two track lengths of 16 feet and 20 feet.

Electra Ride II SRE-1550

This is another indoor device similar to the SRE-2759 model, however, it is able to carry heavier weights of up to 159kg or 350 pounds. It has a flexible seating system with seat height adjustable from 22.5 inches to 25.5 inches. It is battery powered and major components are foldable to save space. Besides the standard rail track lengths, buyers can customize the length based on their home staircases.

Bruno Electra-Ride Elite

The Elite range of Bruno lifts is a combination of the normal functions of stairlifts added with a touch of elegance. It is refined to be suitable for modern homes with a graceful and compact design. It has comfortable head, foot and arm rests.

Bruno Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite SRE-2010E

This is Bruno’s outdoor range of products. It only comes in straight models and not for curved staircase. As this is meant for outdoor use, it has a weather proof elements built into the system. The materials used are tougher and weather resistant. As a second level of protection, it also comes with a weather resistant cover that is easily deployed and provides durable protection. It keeps out powerful weather elements like rain and sun. Moisture can also be kept out of the internal system with special fabric cover that protects the drive controller. The fabric cover also keeps out water, dirt and debris from getting inside the circuitry system.

It can carry weights of up to 181kg or 400 pounds. It is to be the most powerful of the Bruno portfolio. Its stainless steel and exterior grade hardware give it a tough disposition. It has undergone grueling test conditions and able to function from -15 to 52 degrees celsius.

Buying Bruno Stairlifts

All Bruno products come with Gold warranty, five years for major components and two years for parts. Even when you are second hand devices, we advise you to check for the validity of the gold support. You can also pay slightly more to renew the gold warranty if it has expired.