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Buying guide for Brooks
Stair lift is an important installation at home if you have elderly or handicapped kins at home. Domestic versions are slightly different from commercial ones. Domestic stair lifts are usually smaller due to less physical space in the home. For interested buyers from Britain, they can try the home grown brand Brooks which provides installation as well as repair services for British homes. It is among the cheapest and best in the market available. If you are interested to buy used brooks lifts, you must check the second hand dealers. You can find good conditioned and refurbished ones selling for below $2000. Discount vouchers or coupons will be given to further offset the prices of Brooks stair lifts and lower the prices.  Brooks stairlifts includes straight and curved stair chair lifts. The flagship product is the Brooks Lincoln Straight model. They are known for their low maintenance and high reliability. More importantly, they are operated by DC power batteries which are maintenance free and auto recharge at the end of every trip. DC power packs for Brooks products ensure that the chairlift operates in a quiet and smoothly. The standard features are also provided by Brooks Lincoln Straight lift.  User friendly features such as whisper quiet, soft start and stop system to prevent sudden jolts, smooth ride quality, joystick and remote control, electro mechanical braking with failsafe overspeed governor.

Installation of Brooks Lincoln
Brooks have distributors and service centers located across Britain and new purchase can be delivered within a few days upon purchase.

Brooks stairlift brochure

Installation of Brooks lifts by trained engineers take only about an hour. You will not see messy wiring as Brooks use remote control system. Users should have confidence in Brooks stairlifts as they are among the safest and most reliable in the industry.  They are fitted with cheap and effective sensors which detect obstacles around the footrest that could pose a danger or hazard to users on the platform stair lifts. Brooks also provide a key to lock the the system while not in use to prevent children from playing with the device. Users should continually maintain their stair lift to prolong the useful life of the electrical and mechanical parts.