Braun Stair And Wheelchair Lifts

Braun home stairlifts have been designed to overcome mobility deficiencies and help users move between floors of a home with ease. This also gives them confidence with independent mobility and decreases the chances of any further accidents happening.

Braun Lift Product Specification

Although there are several popular manufacturers, Braun is one of the oldest as well as the most well-known. This is primarily because; Braun has been the acknowledged brand leader in the mobility equipment area for over the last twenty years.

Some of the main specifications of the Braun products are listed below;

  • They come with safety sensors and a smooth start and stop facility.
  • Have integrated safety belts.
  • It comes with a battery backup.
  • It works with either straight or curved staircases (that is, despite the shape of your staircase, it comes with a foldable rail that is designed to suit the sides of your staircase)
  • It also has outdoor models.
  • Different types of lifts are available such as Perch models for those who have difficulty in bending or folding their knees. There are also Braun Wheelchair lifts for vehicle or indoor use.
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats.


Price Reviews

Generally, most straight lifts come with a price tag that ranges between $2,800 and $4,500. An area where Braun scores over competitors is its payment and financing function. Braun is extremely helpful in this matter and a dealer will be assigned to each customer until they find the best way to finance their order. People have the option to find more than one funding source and the buyer can order, if he or she knows where to obtain the funding source.

Reviews On Braun

Stair lifts are becoming common in modern houses and are no more a luxury item. But buying the best home stairlift is a difficult task as there are so many companies in the market and these provide machines with varying qualities. Hence, it’s hard for someone to select the best for their loved ones. However, given Braun’s reputation in this area, I feel it is a good buy when choosing a stairlift to buy for our loved ones. When selecting a stair lift, just keep in mind that a good stairlift should not only has solid lifting power, but also has great security features and the Braun addresses all these.