Bathmaster Sonaris Bathtub Lift Review

Today, independence is one of the most important things for a person as everyone has to live their own lives and people find it very difficult to constantly be available to help other people who are not able to perform daily functions on their own. People who are aged or people who have suffered an accident and have become disabled need help with almost every activity which can prove troublesome for those around them. For this purpose, bath lifts for elderly people are extremely important for someone who finds it difficult to use the bath tub. The Bathmaster Sonaris bath lift is an excellent option for people who need toilet aids because it has several useful functions.

Bathmaster Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift – Specifications

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift SaleTo begin with, the Bathmaster Sonaris reclining bath lift has a fully adjustable back rest which can be inclined according to the user’s choice at any angle up to forty degrees. This not only makes it a comfortable bath lift but it also helps when a person wishes to wash his hair without getting shampoo into the eyes. The bath lift is fitted with a control that is water proof and easy to use with large buttons that are clearly visible to people who can’t see too well. The surface of the control is ribbed so that a person who is visually impaired can control the bath lift through touch rather than sight. The Bathmaster Sonaris comes with a sleep function which puts the mechanism into idle mode when it is not being used in order to conserve battery power.

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift Review

When choosing a good bath lift it is important to make sure that the task at hand for the elderly or the disabled person is made as easy as possible and for that one must check the reviews on the Web. Most people find it difficult to swing their legs over the rim of the bath tub and in order to make the transfer easy, the Bathmaster Sonaris bath lift is fitted with large side flaps so that no matter who is using the bath lift, transfer is very easy. The lift has an alarm system which beeps when the battery is low and will not lower if it does not have enough power to be raised back to its original position which is an excellent feature for old people who can sometimes be forgetful. The battery takes about three hours to charge and is good for eighteen lifts per charge. The bath lift can take a weight of up to 308 pounds and is light and easy to assemble making it portable enough to move with ease.