Cheap Archimedes Bath Lift For Sale

When it comes to bath lifts for disabled individuals, the Archimedes bath lift is truly a great invention. The main purpose of any bath lift is to allow for an elderly person to have easy access to a bath tub so that he can enjoy a nice hot bath to relax and rejuvenate. When getting into a bath tub, one of the biggest dangers for an old or disabled person is lowering and raising himself. Old age can cause weak muscles and the person may find it very tough to lower and raise himself into and out of the tub because the muscles of the arm may not be strong enough to carry the whole weight of the body. Another cause for concern that has to be eliminated is slipping in the bathroom. As people get old they lose their sense of balance and it is possible that while getting in or out of the bath a person may slip on a wet surface. A bath lift will completely eliminate all these problems.

Archimedes Bath Lift Reviews

Archimedes Bathtub Lift SaleReviews will show that it looks fashionable and is incredibly light, weighing only about 11 pounds which makes it a hot favorite because it can be packed and easily transported without any hassles. The Archimedes Bath Lift can take weight of up to 330 pounds which is more than any of the other bath lifts for disabled persons can take. It is a sturdy model which lasts long and is better than the rest because it allows for plenty of leg room when a person is lowered into the tub allowing for an excellent bathing experience. As far as the Archimedes Bath lift goes, it is one of the best portable bath lift systems because of its slender and non bulky framework.

Archimedes Bath Lift Parts

The Archimedes Bath Lift can be dismantled into three pieces and stored easily because it does not require much space. Another good feature of this bath lift is that it can be lowered down to as little as 1.5 inches above the bottom of the tub. Since Archimedes bath lift parts are light they don’t occupy much space and they give the user a real bath experience. This model does not have the reclining back rest feature and hence takes even lesser space in the bath tub. To compensate for the no recline feature the back rest is at a height of 26 inches which is the tallest amongst all models and gives the user excellent back support. The Archimedes Bath Lift is one of the best portable bath lift systems because of its slender and non bulky framework. Archimedes bath lift parts are cheap and easy to buy over the net.