Used Ameriglide Stairlift deals

Cheap Used Ameriglide Stairlifts

Ameriglide is one of the most popular brand of lifts for disabled being used in America. This is also one of the top selling models. Stairlift is commonly found in the houses across the country as it gives additional freedom to users Used AmeriGlide Stairliftwho are confined to wheelchairs or are unable to climb staircases due to problems in the knees. There are vendors who collect the stairlifts that are still in good condition and refurbish them and replace most of the smaller parts before selling them in the second hand market. Most used models are sold at very good and reasonable prices and you can often find bargain deals  for sale in the warehouse.

Lowest Price Used Ameriglide Stair lifts

There are different models of lifts and they include the following:

AmeriGlide Battery powered models: This is powered by batteries and functions even when there is a power blackout. This is the ideal model to have if you live in a place where there are frequent blackouts.

AmeriGlide Electric Power: This works by plugging in to the wall power outlet and functions like a normal home appliance.

Heavy Duty: This stairlift has a stronger and more powerful battery as it is required to carry heavy users or goods at times between different levels.

Bath lifts: This is an innovative lift that can serve disabled users in the bathtub by lifting them in and out of the bathtub. This bath lift comes with swivel seats and headrest and harness to ensure comfort in a safe and secure manner.
Wheelchair lifts:  This is a portable lifting system that can be attached to cars or outdoor features easily and carry the heavy wheelchairs around.

Vertical Platform lifts: This comes attached with a platform instead of a seat. This is lightweight and suitable for outdoor installation.

All these used AmeriGlide devices are reconditioned and certified for safe home use. With warranty and guaranteed service level agreements, the engineers will respond to your call for assistance promptly.