Bruno Stairlift User Reviews

Bruno is an American company founded way back in the 1980s by Michael Bruno and it is now the leading BRUNO ELECTRA RIDE STAIR LIFTstairlift manufacturer in the world. It even has the ISO-9001 certification as a testament to its commitment to producing quality indoor and outdoor lifting devices. Over the years, Bruno has become better at meeting consumers’ needs and produced many award winning models such as the Electra Lite series which is their flagship product. Some of their current models are the Electra-Ride LT Indoor straight rail Model SRE-2720, Electra-Ride II Indoor straight rail Model SRE-1550, Electra-Ride Elite Model SRE-2010 and Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Straight rail Model SRE-2010E.

User Reviews on the Operations

First of all, Bruno stairlifts have flexible parts such as the seats from the Electra-Ride Elite. They can be moved from 19 inches to 24 1/2 inches depending on the height of the user.  The footrest can also be shifted in tandem with thes seats. When users need to board the chair,  they can lift up the armrests from either direction. When not in use, the seat and footrest can be folded up to free up more space for other family users to move in the staircase.

Bruno products are also one of the most powerful in the industry as it can carry weights of up to 400 pounds. It is currently unsurpassed in this category compared to its competitors. Bruno uses the rack and pinion drive technology in the rail system to give the chair lift such as Electra Ride II straight rail a smooth and safe ride. This is an improvement over the past where cables are used to drive the stair chair lift. The rails come in 3 lengths, 16′,20′ and 24′. Most users are satisfied with the 20′ as they do not need to customize for future usage. It is operated by DC battery and no special wiring is required. It is also much quieter compare to AC power source used by other stairlife manufacturers. Most of the users also compliment the controls of Bruno products for being simple and very useful.

The last thing you should worry about when using Bruno equipments is its safety. Bruno is very particular in the safety aspect of its products since it is meant to serve users like the elderly or disabled people. Bruno consistently test run all its manufactured lifts for thousands of hours before they are satisfied with its performance.

The Cons of Bruno Stairlifts

Perhaps one of the downside of Bruno product is that it is rather heavy and we do not recommend users to self install them. Even Bruno doesn’t allow buyers to install on their own for fear of injuring themselves. Bruno trains all its dealers in the different US states i.e. New York ,Chicago, Texas, Arizona etc, with installing, maintaining and repairing all Bruno stair lift models.

Though Bruno may have many different models for straight and curved staircases, only its outdoor Electra Ride Elite does not come in curved models.

Price of Bruno Stair

Bruno products are priced reasonably compared to other brands such as Acorn, Stannah or Ameriglide. Given its quality user experience and tough form factor, customers feel that they are paying for value more than anything else. After searching for Bruno stair lift prices online, we have compiled a list of selling prices for Bruno lifts by vendors like eBay, Topmobility and Scootermobility. You can use the prices shown below as a reference when you are searching for Bruno lifts.

Electra-Ride LT (SRE-2750) – The entry version of Bruno straight stair lift. The average cost is between $2800 to $3000. However, there are vendors selling it online for $1750.

Bruno’s SRE-1550 Electra-Ride II – The 16 feet version costs between $3500 to $3700. The 20 feet version sells for slightly more expensive at $3800 to $4000.

Electra-Ride Elite (Model SRE-2010) – The sophisticated model costs between $4000 to $4300.

Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite – This model has the widest price range we have found online. It can vary between $3700 to as high as $4500.

Electra-Ride III (CRE-2110) – Typically, vendors do not provide a direct quote for curved Bruno stairlifts. They need to assess the conditions and type of curved staircase in your home before quoting a price for Bruno curved lifts.