Bruno SRE-3000 Elan Straight Stairlift Reviews

Bruno is a Swedish company that has been manufacturing stair lifts for over 25 years. Lifts for North America are manufactured in a U.S. plant.  A stairlift, or chair lift as it is also known, is the ideal solution for people with mobility issues. It is the perfect aid for seniors, and handicapped people with knee, hip and leg disabilities which make it almost impossible for them to climb staircase.

Construction Of Typical Stair Lift

A stairlift is usually made of three sub-assemblies which all work together. These are the rail system (also called the track), the drive system (known as the carriage), and the seat. The seat is attached to the drive system and this assembly runs up and down the rail system as a single unit. It operates on electricity and are powered either by a rechargeable battery system or are plugged directly into the domestic power supply.

Bruno Stairlift

The Bruno Elan Straight Rail SRE-3000 is one of the company’s newest models. It is a straight rail lift which offers homeowners outstanding value for its price. It comes with a host of features many of which are found only in top-of-the-line models. Some of these quality features are:
·         Fold up seat, armrests and footrests which occupy only 12” of space when folded.
·         Height-adjustable swivel seat for safe exit
·         2 wireless call and send controls.
·         In-built safety sensors which stop the lift as soon as it encounters an obstruction
·         Rack and pinion drive for smooth, silent operation
·         Continuous charge strips on the rail for safe use at all times, even during power outages
·         Could be installed on either side of the stairway as close as 5” to the wall

This model of the Bruno has been specially designed for narrow stairways so that it folds up as a compact unit and does not pose an obstruction to others using the stairs.

Other salient features of Bruno SRE-3000 Elan Stairlift

·        300 lb weight capacity
·        Generous seat size with adjustable seat heights
·      Operates continuously through 2 x 12 Volt batteries powered from any domestic outlet for dependable performance, even during power outages
·       Electromagnetic braking system with self-locking gearbox and over-speed brake for total safety

What is the price of Bruno SRE-3000 Elan Straight stair lift?

The company does not publish the price of this model. Prices are available on request. Visit the company website at for further information.

Are stair lifts covered by insurance or Medicare?

Medicare does not cover stairlifts but a program like Medicaid does, in some states and under certain conditions. If your insurance covers it, you could get a Bruno stair lift provided your doctor justifies its purchase and considers it necessary. Some dealers might help you finance your purchase with a payment plan. You could also take a home loan to purchase a stairlift as it is considered a home improvement modification.