Bruno Electra Ride iii Price And Review

New Bruno Electra Ride III Curved Rail Stairlift

Aged or invalid owners of beautiful multi-storey houses with curved staircases have long struggled with the question of accessing different floors of their properties. Bruno may have a great solution with the new Electra-Ride III Stairlift for curved staircases. Bruno custom fits the Electra Ride III to each individual staircase and it can be mounted on virtually any staircase. The Electra Ride mounts on either side of the staircase for greatest flexibility.

The Price Of The Electra Ride III

Bruno electra ride iii CRE 2110 saleSince the Electra Ride is custom designed and fitted to each individual staircase that you buy it for, there is no real base price for the model and the costs will depend upon the length and the complexity of the installation in your house or property. The installation is done by professionals from Bruno and takes just a few weeks.

Bruno Electra Ride III Features

The new Electra Ride III has the same features as the Electra Ride II and as well as additional premium features. These start with the rack and pinion drive as well as a quiet drive motor for virtually silent operation. Two remotes let you send as well as call the stairlift from either end of the stairs. The

controllers are also completely solid state. No moving parts means there is less likelihood of the parts wearing easily. Safety features include a retractable safety belt and a footplate with a sensor to stop the stairlift if it senses an obstacle in your path. There is also a battery back up as well so that you are never stranded half way up the stairs if the power goes out.

Electra Ride III Parts

The already custom fitted Electra Ride III can be customised even further with everything from aesthetic options like seven different types of upholstery on the seat to convenience options like a power folding footrest, midway park and charge station for staircases with a landing. Also available are top and bottom park positions for extra security and a power swivel function to help users get into and out of the chair easily. The motor, drive and the controllers are easily removable and replaceable if needed as is the chair.

Servicing the Bruno Electra Ride

Bruno Stairlift is renowned for its quality and reliability. Its top of the line Electra Ride III with a comprehensive five year service plan and a two year warranty coverage on all the parts on the stairlift for complete peace of mind. The durable construction and heavy duty parts used on the Electra mean that it should give years of trouble free service.

Electra Ride III Reviews

Users of the Electra Ride III say that it is probably the only Curved Stairway Lift that they have ever felt truly comfortable using due to its extremely smooth ride. Many users say that the swivel function that makes the chair point the right way whether travelling up or down makes for a more natural riding position. People who have had to get service for the Electra Ride are pleased with the prompt service from Bruno.