Bellavita Reclining Bath Lift Review

People with mobility issues are likely to fall or slip in the bathroom. Owning a bath lift allows such people to enjoy a full soak in the tub without worrying of a fall because of their physical conditions. This device allows physically challenged individuals to bathe independently, thus eliminating the need for external help. It also provides users the comfort and support that they need while bathing. Bellavita reclining bath lift is a product from Drive Medical Limited.

Product Features of the Bellavita Reclining Bath Lift

The Bellavita reclining bath lift is a portable, flexible and a lightweight system, in which the back reclines when the chair is all the way down. It has a tool free assembly and it weighs just around 20.5 pounds making it the lightest and the lowest bath lift in the market. However, it is also compatible with deeper model bathtubs as well and it can carry users who weigh even 300 pounds. The bath lift gradually lowers the user into the bathtub. It also comes with a waterproof, floatable hand control that allows the user to operate the lift chair. The chair has padded backrest and seat provided the user with additional comfort. Its easy construction allows is to easily fold up when the chair is not in use. It can also be easily assembled or disassembled. It has suction cups at the bottom that provides the user that stability while they are showering.

Price Range

This ultra modern product from Drive Medical has a regular price of $789, but it has a special price of around $479. It can also be purchased at Amazon for around $558. The price does not include the cost of any accessories. It comes with a two-year warranty on battery and headset and a lifetime warranty on frame and motor.

User Reviews

Consumers felt that the delivery was very quick and they loved the tracking number being sent to their email as it helped them with their delivery. They also felt that unlike other products, it made users more confident and they were no longer afraid of inconvenience while taking their daily bath. The best part they felt was that they didn’t have to twist nor turn and get on their knees to get out of the tub. A few of them had special praise for the great service, especially when they received from the company a free hand control unit the next day when they had complained about the unit not working during the warranty period.