AquaJoy Premier Bath Lift Review

It can be very tough for the elderly to cleanse themselves daily in the bathtub without external aid or assistance. They also have to walk on slippery bathroom floors and then find a way to enter the high-edged tub. Furthermore, they have to lower themselves on the floor of the bathtub, which can be extremely stressful making them prone to accidents. This is where a Bath lift for elderly or disabled can be extremely useful. Drive Medical Limited, the parent company of AquaJoy Bath lifts is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality bathlifts.

Product Features of the AquaJoy Premier Bath Lift

The AquaJoy Premier bath has many accessories that include chest and waist straps, headrest, and a swivel seat. One of its unique features is that it can carry users who weigh up to 375 pounds. It has a lightweight, fully waterproof, and floating hand control, which is comfortable to hold and operate. It has further suction pads on its reverse side, which can be used to stick to the side of the bath or to the tiles. It also has a charge indicator light, which lights up whenever it needs to be charged. The product comes with an optional rotating seat and its power source is a battery. It has the reclining facility with removable padding and washable back and seat covers. It has a seat width of 15.3 inches and a depth of 22.8 inches. The backrest width is 13.4 inches and a backrest height of 23.8 inches with a total product weight of 28.9 pounds. The seat height when lowered measures to 3.1 inches and the seat height when raised comes to 18.1 inches with a seat width that measures to 27 inches with its flaps down.

Price Range

The AquaJoy Premier Bath Lift has a regular list price of $1499, although most of the companies sell it at a price of $1,099 and above. It can be bought at a price of around $1,105. The battery comes with a full one-year warranty.

User Reviews

Customers felt that the AquaJoy customer service was excellent and the product gave real value for their money. One of the unique features of the AquaJoy bath lift that most users liked is that the hand control does not lower unless it has adequate charge to raise the user back to the top. Customers also feel that this was a better unit, although it is slightly higher priced.